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It's almost a week since the Beauty and the Beast trailer released and it has already got 13,000,000 + views on youtube. It even surpassed Star War's The Force Awaken and broke the record for most view teaser trailer in a single day. The fact that it's only 1 minute and 30 seconds and showed no plot hints, no people and stilled picked up 91 million views on the first days says a lot. It's going to be big. Even though the trailer only showed some flashes of scenery and half of Emma Watson's face I'm pretty pumped! The music score is amazing! The opening scene almost reminds me of Harry Potter. The mansion definitely gave me a Hogwarts vibe. I think Emma will do just fine! I haven't seen the official poster yet but I found few concept photos by this fan. It's so stunning I have to share it here. If you like it don't forget to check out more of his work!
This is suppose to be Belle's blue kirtle. I imagine the live action will give her classic outfit an upgrade. I'm not really a big fan of the bodice top but I guess it works as a village attire.
Another version with the Beast's appearance.
This yellow dress is gorgeous! I remember before Cinderella live action came out Disney partner with Saks Fifth Avenue and a couple of designers to design a pair of modern glass shoe. If anything, I would love to see a real-life version of the yellow gown.

Who else is excited for Beauty & the Beast live action?

Love the 3rd one!
@cindystran yeah since its fan made, he put the imagine of the beast from X-Men. not this last movie the one before it and the others. the lAst movie he was hairless lol but Anyway, yeah that's the actual character from X-Men
I love fairy tale movies! when will this be released?
I am for sure
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