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Damn. She puts the 'cane' in Pimp Daddy Kane.

Is your grandma cool too? What's the coolest thing your grandma can do?

My grandma speak Spanish, Arabic, and blow super huge bubble gum bubbles. She also puts a splash of milk in her Diet Coke, but that's another story for another day.

my grandma's really good at impersonations... crack me up every time馃槀
@cardboardart Omg, LOL my grandma spoke only Arabic and Spanish, so I know weird expressions like that from her too. Usually "What do you want?" and "Shut your mouth."
@YumiMiyazaki LOL I had a great-aunt that would save everything years past the expiration date, and it was always awkward and hilarious when she'd give us a box of macaroni and cheese for Christmas whose expiration date was a year or so before any of us were actually born.
My grandma is a cosplaying otaku.
My grandmother is a short but crazy Ger-Russian woman. Her parents came to America from Germany to escape WW2 and she was born shortly after. She's fun but boy she can hit you HARD with a wooden spoon. She also swears in German a lot.
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