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Don't be sorry Joonie please... I got your photocard and I was really happy and excited so don't think otherwise.
Whoever said this, can I kill them?? like why would you even say that? Joonie is needed and appreciated in BTS, the group wouldn't be the same without him.
This hurts me sooo much. Like there is nothing wrong with Jimin's live vocals. His voice is so beautiful and amazing that I would do anything to hear it live.
Hopie please don't say that. Y'all are special, special to a point that you are the reason I live. like seriously, my life revolves around y'all. you guys would never be a waste to me.
NO NO ~Do not even think about doing that don't be quiet or in the back ~Be loud, let everybody hear that beautiful voice of yours
Don't think of yourself like that Yoongi. Be more confident in yourself. In many people eyes, you are not just a side character. You are so much more important than that.
STOP NO DONT EVER SAY THAT BTS songs are amazing and beautiful. The lyrics and meaning to each and every song digs deep within me. Your songs helps me sleep at night, your music is one of the reasons I smile everyday.
My hearts way too much reading these. This card was mostly of me just ranting. But BTS should never say these things. They are perfect to me and they should just be more confident in themselves.

BTS PROTECTION SQUAD These boys are so precious and needs protection. Who's with me??

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This breaks my heart so much!! I just want to give each and every single one of them a giant hug and tell they are all perfect and all have their own amazing talents that shine even brighter than the stars, because not once have the stars given me a chance to smile, laugh, cry, and dance so brightly among them. To me, they are more than the stars, they don't just light up the night, they light up the world within our eyes and send surges of powerful energy within our hearts, charging us to keep forward everyday and push through any challenge. I cry when they cry, I laugh when they laugh, I smile when they smile, I get angry when they get angry. I am willing to take on the burden on their shoulders and carry it on my own if it means to continue seeing their beautiful, healthy smiling faces. I know that I would love them even if they weren't idols. It's their personality, amazing voices, and our love for them that make them shine, not the entertainment industry, all bighit did was make them come together as one and Bangtan could never be complete without all 7, but they finished it off to make themselves one of the most popular groups in the entire world in just a matter of 3, almost 4 years. No one can stop them from continuing to be the light in my eyes and music to my ears. 방탄소년단, 사랑해요! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
This seriously breaks my heart reading these. I love these boys so much they're my life I would do anything to protect them and make them smile no matter what! It hurts me to read these knowing they think this way sometimes. If only they knew just how precious they are to us.
That just broke my heart!!! I love these guys so much!! They need to be told more often how amazing they are. Not just as artists but as people as well!!!♡♡♡♡
This agh, it just breaks my heart so bad and mad sometimes when some fans say those things really they try their very best at everything they do and give it their 100% I love all of them they are just so precious! (╯Д╰)
I'm in! I am literally crying right now. These guys put everything they have into making fans happy. Shame on those who make these guys feel like they are less than wonderful! We need to show them that their true fans love each and every one of them. 😢
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