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✣✣ Cross Gene Sundays ✣✣

❥ I covered the Ships this week, but the best ship in the world is:

❅ SeySangCasTakShiSeok ❅

✤ Haha omg that was a mouthful.

✤ These Boys are just Bright and lovey. They are perfect rays of sunshine

✤ They are equally adorable, my feels have feels that have an exponential number of feels.

✤ They are the most Smiley Group of guys I know and love!

✤✤✤ This is my top Ship ✤✤✤

❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

ღ Tagging Yak Pak ღ

ღ Requested CandY Babies ღ

ღ If you would like to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment below ღ

They are just so adorable. They make me smile. 😸
@Tigerlily84 Yeassss HUNNIE!! I LOVE THEM