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So, today, I went to Chinatown today with my family and bought some things and then I found out that there's a Kpop merch store there!! So of course, I just had to go in. (I forced my stepbrother to come along lmao) I wasn't allowed to take pics inside, but I did buy a 2NE1 lanyard and part 2 of BTS' album. I DIED IN THERE OMG. I ALSO DID NOT KNOW IT COMES WITH A SIGNED PICTURE OF JIN INSIDE! I wish it was Rapmonster, but Jin is okay
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@cutebabylay did you do anything? Haha I had gone a couple of weeks before for this paper I'm writing where I had to visit a museum and I chose the Chinese American Museum. It was pretty interesting!
@fashionfantasy2 I got a BTS sweatshirt and pocky
@cutebabylay my step brother was rushing me, I totally would've gotten a shirt if I wasn't rushed haha
Did you get Jin in the Hwayangyeonhwa part 2 album? If so.... Hit me up on Kakao xD (or Line or Kik)
@janellym123 I think so?? I know it's something in involving "Love" pt 2 lol I only have kik, if that's fine. I haven't kept up with Kpop thanks to college lol My kik ID is Boobear314