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With my lifestyle, it's difficult to wear a mini skirt. I commute to work everyday and there is as long stairway I have to walk up to every morning and evening which makes wearing a mini skirt uncomfortable. Midi skirts are my best friends during warmer weather. I've own a black maxi skirt but it's too long. I'm been considering to get a new maxi skirt but with my petite frame it's hard to find a length that does not drag on the floor.
I was so close to purchase one from Loft because they offer petite sizing. Unfortunately, the one I had my eyes on sold out on my size. I guess it's not the right timing to purchase a maxi skirt right now.
In the meantime, I collected a collected a couple of styles that would look great with midi and maxi skirts.
This is a classic summer combo and a fun way to dress up a plain white tee. The blue knee length skirt with button details is a modest version of a mini skirt. Perfect for commuting or running errands!
Pictured above is Sasha Lane a new rising star. I really love this look from her Cannes Film appearance. Usually off-shoulder tops appears bulky and loose-fitting but the one she's wearing looks fitted and classy. The vertical stripe pleated skirt is a fun addition to the sleek top.
Black maxi dress with a halter or v-neck line seem popular this summer. I've seen a couple of shops carrying similar dress and almost purchased one. The problem is the length for me. It's a definitely a dress that will go with any occasion, so I'm hunting for the right size!

Do you prefer maxi or midi length during summer? Or are you more of a mini skirt gal?

I love the look of maxi dresses and skirts but not on myself. I'm not very tall so I feel like wearing such a long skirt would make me look even shorter. I love wearing mini and midi skirts though.
I wear either mini or maxi, not midi. I am petite but my calves are big, so midi looks so funny :-(
midi and mini. I'm kinda not 5'6" or taller so off the rack maxi's tend to be too long.
I wear maxi more but only if they are sheer so I can still look tall. I am starting to like midi length these days!
@KanchanRath definitely classy!
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