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So today is the day to reveal the last pick and my 2nd UB soo without further or do .........

Show Me The Body GaGa...........or show me the puppy

Kwon Hyuk Woo 관혁우


aka Loco 로꼬

Apart of the greatest company/Family : AOMG Birthday: 12-25-1989

season 1 winner of SMTM

and possibly one of the cutest rappers alive

Gonna start this where the love first began with this adorable little puppy

my love of zion.t and tablo brought me to this lovely song.........which also brought me to the lovely Loco the instant I saw him I was in love....but he was mainly a lowkey love ....

from there I followed my love on Instagram still keeping my eye on him but not really fully immersing myself into all of his music ......until this jam came out

this song peeked my interest even more but some how even though I was wowed by his talent I still kept him lowkey (probably because I was too concerned with jiyong )

this little sunshine baby is the sweetest most amazing human ever!

and slowly I started keeping more of an eye on him.......#BabyLocoIsLife

Finally the moment that changed it all .....

I got to see/meet this lovely angel (which you all know how that went lol) and basically swept me of my feet instantly......Loco knows how to put on a show and you feel every single song....he's easily one of my top faves (decided to share the uncovered group pic....excuse potato me next to beautiful loco and Simon hahaha)

seriously how could you not love this man

he's hilarious his Engrish is probably the cutest thing ever .....and don't even get me started on drunk loco hahaha .... I'll just show you if you haven't already experienced it

this video will forever give me life hahaha..

and this is why loco formerly known as Demaine got his new found name

but please don't let that cute little face fool you because this man is far from innocent.......

If you don't believe me please see for yourself ......I absolutely love this song...but

this video was insane ....and insanely unexpected because who would ever expect this little angel to be so.....Bad but I will admit I may or may not have been slightly jealous and may or may not have called his 엄마.......hahaha

What is not to love about this beautiful little angel .....

The man who not only makes me speechless but Gave Jiyong a run for his money

What would aomg be without this adorable face...

probably not as great because no one on this planet can live without loco

so now here are some more lovely jams that will make you fall in love

1.the lovely Thinking about You ft. The sexy Ceo himself 2.너도. his newest jam ft. the absolutely love vocals courtesy of Mr.Beat boy himself now to finish things off with the greatest song on the planet ........

감아 ft. Crush

this song....is my all time favorite....this song here is perfect for any night time playlist........and I'm only kidding never listen to this at night ...it will wake you up and you will wanna Jam out like no tomorrow and even if it's not in your playlist it likes to creep it's way in and ruin your life....

so if you guys haven't listened to loco you need to go reevaluate your life and go bring this lovely puppy into your life because he is amazing and I love him more than this world knows.....

죄송해요loco .......for neglecting you for matia hahaha

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@LocoForJiyong like he has such man features. ..does that make sense?
@IsoldaPazo isn't he perfect!!!! ughhh he's just too cute for words 😍😍😍
ahh ever since you mentioned him..I'm literally been going loca for him. like how is he so 😍😍😍
Ahhhh he's adorable!!!!! I need to listen to more of his music!!
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