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It had been a week and Nabi was finally in the swing of things at work. She knew her way around the systems they used to design presentations. She had actually showed up to work early today, her manager had told her she would be getting her first project today. She stepped off the lift adjusting her skirt, it was a nervous habit. The floor seemed empty except for a light on at the other end. She walked over in the direction of the light and luckily it was by her desk. Yoongi was there already headphones on strictly focused on his work.
Putting her things down at her desk she tried her best not to bother him. She did not have anything to do just yet so she decided to check her phone to see if Andrea made it to work yet. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Yoongi open his desk drawer and pull out a bottle. He shook some pills out into his hand and looked around not finding anything to drink. Taking his headphones off he sighed pushing back from his desk.
“If you want you can have my water bottle. I haven’t even opened it yet.” She held out her bottle to him but he looked like he was about to jump out of his skin.
“Warn someone when you come in. Don’t be a creep.” His words were cold but he took the bottle quickly downing the pills.
“Sorry you just looked so focused so I didn’t want to bother you. I’m surprised you’re here, I thought I came early.”
“Yea I’m always early.” He snapped ending that conversation. She turned her chair so she could watch the lift for anyone else who might come. His sigh could be heard behind her followed by his fingers typing away.
Thirty minutes later people started flooding her floor. Koko came bounding out of the elevator leading someone with her. They were talking like they had known each other but Nabi had no idea who it was. She stood up to greet them when they got close.
“Hello I’m Nabi nice to meet you.”
“Hello I’m Cree. I’m the intern here.” She gave a polite bow that Nabi returned. “I have been busy with school that’s why I wasn’t here last week. I’m usually put on projects with KoKo, that way I can’t accidentally loose a customer.”
“School are you a college student? What do you study?”
“Oh I major in multimedia. This really helps apply some of the things I learn.” It was then that the manager walked up to the three of them.
“Oh good you are all here together I don’t have to hunt you down. Since this is your first real assignment I’m going to pare you with KoKo and now that Cree is here it makes for a perfect international trio.” He laughed at his own apparent joke. Nabi just balled her fist and she felt the other cringe.
“Anyway Samsung has come out with a new case design that has a flip front as well as being shock absorbent. They are calling it the FlipShock.” He made hand gestures like he was wowing someone with a magic trick.
“If you have any questions about it ask Yoongi, it is one of his biggest clients. I’ll go email you the details now.” The three girls just looked at each other making disgusted faces. Her manager was turning out to be quite the dick.
Oh I wonder what's going to happen next
@SimplyAwkward it was an insult. We are pretty amazing though.
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the international trio sounds really cool