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I feel like I haven't been active lately. I can probably account for most of my absence due to work, but that comes with price of being a 25-year-old adult kpop fangirl. But I think it might also be because of everything that has happened these past couple of months. First, if you have been following my journey, I learned firsthand that there are ungrateful people who complained about many different things about the upcoming KCON. Second, being an ARMY, reading about BTS being stalked and disturbed during their vacation time made me upset. Third, also looking from an ARMY's POV, learning that there are people out there stupid enough to create such a rumor that engages their followers to inflict harm on themselves makes me soooo (please excuse my language but...) FUCKING LIVID. I've been exposed to what feels like the deepest depths of the hell of social media, which are the trolls that tweet shit like this:
And this is only a snippet of the garbage that these girls have spat. They (and unfortunately hundreds more out there) have tweeted the most horrible things that you could ever read about kpop idols. I'll spare you wonderful Vinglers the details and despair, but it makes me so mad that these kind of people exist. (I seriously got upset to the point that it make me feel like throwing up and wanted to cry.) Sometimes it's hard to ignore, and that's what drives me insane. Half of me is like "don't entertain the idea and just leave it alone" and the other half is like "what the actual flying fuck?" These people have enough influence to drive this out and alert people and make a big fuss about it. I've already used up my halves, but another part of me wants to give up on this fandom... but I can't because knowing that BTS (and many other idol groups) get their motivation from their dedicated fans and feed off of our pure love and support. And especially after reading a card that talked about sad things that BTS has said in the past, it made me reflect and think about our impact on them: Do they read every single thing being said about them? And if so, are they affected by it emotionally, mentally, etc.? Sigh, it's tiring...
I know this was mainly centered around BTS, but I say this for any and all situations similar to this. Like when I heard about EXO's sasaeng fans, and I was an EXO-L before I became an ARMY. Every time I heard about EXO being harassed and poor Chanyeol and Sehun have practically become EXO's spokespeople to tell them to stop. There are probably more incidents where some of the other members were involved but I haven't read into them for the past year or so because I just shook my head and kept out of it, but stayed loyal. I wish I could be ignorant to all this when it comes to BTS, but I've grown so attached to them that I feel like keeping an eye out for them, and I feel like I literally need to protect them from afar. Is that a silly way of thinking? I feel like I'm thinking too much about this now... and again, it's tiring....
*Trying to think happy thoughts* I just hope our favorite idols have not been affected by any of this ridiculousness and keep doing what they do best and make beautiful music and entertain us with their charms. I just want them to be happy and I wish them the very best. I'm tired and done. And I understand if any of the moderators wish to not include this in any of the communities. I hope you all understand... and if I offended anyone, I'm really sorry. I just needed to get this off of my chest...
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...I really don't understand crazy fans. Yes I want to cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh but I'd never stalk them or be obsessive... that is just immature and stupid.
It's so disgusting to have to read through these comments. BIghit has already contacted the girl who started the Jungkook gf thing but just having to read through those Tweets makes me wonder if society will ever change for the better.
That's mostly why I keep my distance from other fans usually on other sites besides here. Because there's too many just plain crazy, delusional, wackos who think it's funny to cause others pain. I try to support all my groups with happy uplifting messages especially when I know they're having hard times but otherwise I stay out of it now.
wow this is so horrible i didnt know about this! i soooo hope bts dont see these comments!
I've never actually been in fandoms, so being in the kpop fandom is the first time I've ever joined a fandom. I love many things but I don't like to join fandoms because people in those fandoms are usually a little insane and I knew that the kpop fans would also have some wackjobs but I want to show my appreciation for these idols because I really do care for them and I truly want them to be happy since they make us happy as well. I understand there are haters but I wish they would just shut the hell up! I know I don't like everything but I never comment or hate on other people's fandoms even if I don't like the thing or people they love. I don't bother to because they love that thing and it/they make them happy, and it's not my place to hate on them or what they love. So I don't understand why others do hate on these idols that we love so much!!