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I'm sure you all heard about what has been going on with Bangtan. This whole month has been none stop and when they were gone for a whole two weeks(guessing on that) it was quiet until idiotic fans decide to chase them. I was happy that our boys were able to relax and forget, for awhile, on what was happening.
The whole issue with Jungkook who may or may not have a girlfriend is dumb. Cutting yourself because you can't have this young man who for one gets embarrassed along with running away from girls. Cutting solves nothing. I would know because when I was young, I myself almost dropped down to that level. I work with kids who tell me that they rather cut themselves because they have no one. For one they are kids in grade school and I tell them that they have me to count on, along with others. Either way cutting solves nothing and it was stupid to do that along with just to spread the rumor just to draw attention. Plus what would Jungkook say if he saw that? Not just say, but feel? He would be disappointed and hurt. He is still a young man who can get upset over this. He may have became an adult but he is still a kid who can get hurt easily even if he hides it you can just tell.
Does it mater about the boys sexuality? No it doesn't. Even if they tell us about their sexuality support them. Plus these boys along with others are really close to where they will hold hands, be clinging, etc. You have to think that every group has spent many years together before their debut they are bound to be really close. I read an article that if you travel over to South Korea beware that they like to display affection. Where guys will hold each others hands while walking. Yes big culture shock, but it is good to know before you go. I understand that rumors were going around with Yoongi's sexuality. I'm sorry but I think he is into girls and same goes for all the boys. But if I am wrong then I will still support them.
A member starves himself just for the fans? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You can have many health issues or worse and I don't want to think of what the worst. Not just Jimin, but other idols have done this t where it almost killed them. One idol who is also an actor was turned down because of his weight and he starved himself and made himself throw up just to be in the company. Later on he was turned down again because of his voice being damaged. Just because Jimin wants to eat don't hate one him because of that. I rather have a heathy idol or actor rather then having them starve to look good for us fans
I guess no one is perfect and pretty at the same time. If anyone says that Namjoon, Jin, Hobi, or anyone of the members are not good looking, then they need to double check and look in the mirror themselves. No one is going to be perfect unless you're Bangtan then you're good. Each one of these boys are good looking with and without makeup. Don't be hating just because you cant be good looking like them. I know for damn sure I am good looking in my own way, but not like these boys. Everyone is pretty and prefect in their own way. Do you think that for one that they will where makeup 24/7? NO! these are boys they will be boys who like to do reckless things. Plus half the time they have other things to worry about then looking pretty. Ok so maybe 5% of the time they do, but still.
Sad to hear I can't eat with him anymore :( When Jin oppa would upload an episode of Eat Jin I would be looking forward to it because I was able to have someone to eat with. I'm by myself half the time and having some one to eat with is a plus one in my book everyday. Jin oppa was always there to eat with me. Yes i know that it was a broadcast for everyone and that it was special for everyone however this was something i looked forward to. I did like having the members who joined him however to me just having Jin on his own was for us to have time with him and only him. Same goes with Hobi. When will others realize that these boys like to share what they like to do because that want to spend time with us on their own.
Now i know that Bangtan isn't the only one that is being hated on. Super Junior Kangin is being hated because of his reckless driving with a DUI. One we all make mistakes but to be him right know and his fans telling him to leave Super Junior is harsh. Two we all know and he also knows what he did was wrong, but he shouldn't be told to leave because of that.
All I know that for me being with KPOP and Bangtan for three years, this is my first time seeing all this hate happening left and right. Yes I knew what I was getting into and that I could also be hated for expressing on what I am feeling. However for a whole three years and a whole month of none stop hate is getting old pretty damn fast. I apologized if anyone takes this offensive or that I have repeated a lot of what has been going on. I just want to share on what i was feeling and that as an ARMY I am standing up for my boys.
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Eat jins coming back on the 11 of june and jimins not eating thing was years ago
@FaithMorrison I'm glade Eat Jin is coming back and the thing with Jimin I figured it happen years ago but I was irritated with how everyone was bring it up.
Honestly. Well said.
If someone feels like they need to cut themselves for whatever reasons, it's a serious issue. Who are you to say that it's not legit? Also...who's hating on who because of looks? Also...having a reckless driving with a DUI is enough to ruin and/or tarnish ANYONE'S career especially in a country like Korea. You can't honestly be surprised that people are upset.