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Dear Reader, Is it true that an American movie of Death Note will come out in 2017? like I get it Death Note was pretty good but with all these movies about it it's kinda time to stop don't ya think? Anyways if they do make the movie and if they are way off from the manga (which would be no surprise to me) I swear I be bothering my friends about it. I honestly love Death Note and I don't want anyone to ruin Ohba Tsugumi's hard work. Ahh!! I have so much to say but I don't want y'all to think I'm weird so I'll just stop here Sincerely, Loner Kid
When it comes to Live action movies, most Movie companies would always find a way to screw something up.
I see what your saying. Death Note was amazing!!! But that being said I'm not sure if I'm excited about this movie or not. It could be very good, or it could be really disappointing.
I've seen what they did to dragon Ball and the last air bender
if they do Make one...I garantee they'll forget an important character like Misa or someone like that. ik cuz in previous movies (dragon Ball evolution, aot live action) they forget important characters (krillin, armin)
please continune
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