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I've got an idea I'd like to try out. You guys comment an anime character you want me to draw. The three comments that get the most likes, I will draw. The character that is most commented will also be drawn. If I have the right colors, they'll be done in color; if not, then one or more will be done in gray scale. The deadline for nominations and voting is Friday, June 3rd, and the drawings will be posted in the next couple of days afterwards. This kind of thing is sort of a first for me. Thanks for being my guinea pigs, I guess, and hopefully this doesn't crash and burn.
Sinon from Sword Art Online!
Uhh, Kaori from Your Lie In April!
Ichigo from Bleach or the ship Maka x Crona from Soul Eater
Akame from Akame ga Kill
Vegeta from DBZ
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