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WARNING: Mature Situations
Eun lets the two of you into his apartment and you immediately hear voices. Eun’s face lights up and you realize it must be Jaewoon with [HN]. As you enter the living room [HN] stands up, takes your hand, and walks off to his bedroom. You laugh as you follow him down the hall. In his room he turns you loose; shuts the door, turns and looks at you.
“Well... hello to you too.”
He doesn’t smile; just stares at you, making you start to feel uncomfortable.
“Okay, did I do something wrong? You’re beginning to make me feel weird.”
He still just stares at you, you wave your hand in front of his face, “Earth to [HN]? Hello?”
He finally moves off the door and steps towards you. “Did you mean it?”
You’re suddenly racking your brain, mean what? He doesn’t sound mad, couldn’t have been anything bad you did. You look at him confused,
“I’m sorry; I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mean what?”
“You’ve shown me, you’ve now texted me, are you going to tell me?”
It suddenly dawns on you. The text you sent earlier, the text about loving him that you fretted about and wondered how he would take. Well, here’s your answer.
You throw your bag on the bed, turn and go to look out his window.
“I could ask you the same thing you know. Isn’t it a little early to be saying those words out loud?”
You don’t hear him approach until he’s directly behind you, hands on your shoulders. He turns you towards him, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“[YN]-ah, I could have spoken those words to you that first day at the airport, but it wasn’t my right.” He lifts your chin until you’re looking into his eyes. “You’re right though, once it became my right, I worried. I told myself you knew simply by my actions.” He pushes your hair behind your ear, “You deserve to hear them as much as I dreamed of them”.
He lowers his head to yours, the briefest of touches of his lips against yours. He pulls you in closer, tighter against him, angling his hands in your hair and finally giving you the kiss you were searching for. As the two of you gasp for breath he laughs and shakes his head.
“And there I go again.” He strokes your cheeks with his thumbs as he looks down into your eyes. “Saranghae [YN], nae sarang.”
Your eyes get moist as you throw your arms around his neck, bringing his head back down to yours. He isn’t the only chicken in the room and you can always use the excuse that he gives you strength. Well, it wouldn’t be a lie; it is however a delay tactic.
He pulls your head against his chest, kissing the top of your head.
“You don’t have to say it back if you’re not ready.” He chuckles a bit to himself, “Look how long it took me”.
You pull back and look into his face, reaching a hand up to touch his cheek. He cradles it, kissing your palm, giving you back the same caress.
With a voice full of emotion you smile at him. “I’ve loved you since you first started responding to me on Instagram. I may not have been free but I was more worried that you weren’t. I didn’t think I’d ever meet you, let alone have a chance to actually love you. You’re like a miracle to me; I still don’t believe you’re real some days.”
A full smile has broken out on his face, as if a weight has been lifted. He squeezes you in a tight hug.
“I thank God for you, every day. I’m not sure what I did to deserve you but I want to keep doing it so I never lose you.”
You begin to giggle in relief as well. “You’re going to have to kick me out you know, I’m not going anywhere if I can help it.”
“Well then milady; be prepared to be kidnapped. I may never let you out of this room again with that admission.”
You out right laugh as he spins you around, then places another searing kiss on your lips.
His lips start down the column of your neck as he guides you back towards the bed.
“Um… Mr. Captor Sir?” you say as you try to get his attention by patting his chest. All you receive are little nips in response. When he throws you backwards on the bed you throw your hand up to stop him. He throws up an eyebrow up,
“Seriously? I was on a pretty fantastic roll if I do say so myself.”
You nod, “Yes, I’ll agree to that and would love for you to continue.." he drops his head and licks the side of your neck, "after..”
“After?” He leers as he totally bypasses your arm. You sigh as he starts biting the buttons of your shirt open. You try again while you still have a thought left,
“The door,” you gasp out. His heads pop up to look you in the eyes,
“You forgot to lock it”.
If you love this story, you can thank the man pictured above. While all of you picture your own wonderful, handsome idols...this man's voice pounds through my head and heart and out through my fingertips. This chapter tonight is brought to you by his new album. I listened to it for the first time while writing this, so glad I've already ordered it! If you get a chance to listen to it, I highly suggest it. My new favorite is Tonight.
pyeonghwa nae sarang's! ♥ Gris
bahahaha don't forget to lock the door!
So sexy! (Both your man and mine. I'll get his album in the morning, promise.) I would love to actually find someone whose tarnish and manure pile complement my own. Maybe I'll go get some sushi and ponder life for a little while. 💜😉🎶
Omg I found a whole lot of manure! lol😂 But we grow and learn from our mistakes and learn not go there anymore!
Just remember that all haystacks have their share of manure in them also. :) You may find your needle but it may be a little tarnished. Always best to find someone that compliments you and vice versa, that way you both become better and shine outwards. Keep looking, he's there somewhere!
Seriously, relationship goals right there!! To find the person that completes you, that makes you a thousand times better, that makes you shine from the inside out!'s like finding a needle in a haystack! And I've gone through my share of haystacks, believe me!! I'm still looking!lol
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