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If Animals Could Talk, Illustrated

Have you ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? Well, in his series 'They Can Talk', cartoonist Jimmy Craig takes a pretty good guess.

So what hilarious things do our favorite zoo animals, family pets, and woodland creatures have to say? Let's take a look!

Blame it on colorblindness, but dogs can't seem to tell the difference between ice cream and a steaming pile of poo.

As for our beloved primate cousin, the gorilla? They'd probably say the same things WE say, of course.

Cows are apparently really lowkey 'Twilight' fans.

Has no one told squirrels that those are bird feeders yet?

Forget BIRDS of prey. These vultures are 100% troll!

There's always other fish in the sea.

Being Jesus's donkey would be a pretty sweet gig.

This suddenly explains 80% of all cats' weird behaviors.

As for goldfish, they've already forgotten what they just said.

This French bulldog shows that alpha males come in all shapes and sizes.

So which ones were your favorite?

And, to all my pet-owning Vingler friends, what would the animals in YOUR life probably say?
@ZoilaObregon Bahahah my dog would probably ask why I never wear any pants around the house.
@SarahRegulski @Priscillasdoor Tbh if I were a vulture, I would do the same thing. A bird's gotta eat!
The vulture trolls and cat peeing on face got to me lol
@BeannachtOraibh I was just going to say that!
The cow one reminds me of The Little Vampire, with the vampire cows swinging from the barn rafters! lol
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