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Out of all seasons, summer is my least favorite because of the heat. Nonetheless, it's a season to look forward to because of the many summer styles. As someone who does not wear much color (only whites, blacks, and grays) I focus on details. There is no doubt plain white tee is a summer staple! However, a lace detail is more versatile and much more sophisticated. You can go from day to night with little to no effort.

Take a look at above, the v-neck white top paired with a high waisted skirt is simple but the lace details adds a more sophisticated touch.

A white lace crop top and relax distressed jean is casual but stylish.
With the same crop top you can wear it with a high waist lace skirt and there's your night out attire!
Skinny jeans are flattering but they are not comfortable when the weather is humid. Culottes on the other hand gives your skin more room to breath! Pair it with a lace top and it's super trendy.

Do you own a white lace top? If not, would you try it this summer?

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@petname I know what you mean, all over lace can be overwhelming!
@jazziejazz That brings back so much memory! Tight tops were a thing lol. Anyways it was a struggle to wear them during summer.
@DaniFlanny Thanks! I found them on several fashion blogs.
@AreliOlivares haha glad I'm not alone. 馃榾
I have one!!! but no sleeves.