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Panamanian officials searched a North Korean ship that was suspected of carrying drugs. Instead, they found a cache of weapons that were hidden in "Brown Sugar" containers. No details yet about the specific "military cargo" Sorry the pictures poor, its the only one currently available.
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Just found out that the ship was headed for North Korea, when it was stopped, the captain tried to commit suicide but failed. Thirty five members of the crew have been detained.
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@curtisb any reason to why the captain tried to commit suicide??
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@goyo I think theres a pattern where north koreans who get caught committing crimes abroad often feel a sense of shame and also fear retribution if they're ever deported to NK
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@curtisb that to me is a clear signal that no matter how much the outside world wants to say that North Koreans hate their nations, there are still a lot of them who may feel strong sense of loyalty (no matter how misguided it might be)
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@goyo I think the propaganda machine that they have is astounding. Do you think that maybe our perception of NK as a hellhole that every citizen wants to destroy is a bit off??
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