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You put yourself between Leo and Ravi, he refuses to let you go, wrapping his arms around you from behind, staking his claim.
“Ravi.. Hand me your phone.”
He looks at you strange but hands it over without a fuss. You flip through the numbers, find one and hold it up for Leo to see,
“That’s N?” You feel a nod against you as you press dial. It's answered almost immediately.
“Wonsik, where are you? In fact, where’ve you been? I need you back here immediately, I need to discuss something with you.”
“N, it’s [YN].”
You hear a Korean swear word that Ravi taught you months ago.
“Please tell me he’s not there. No, don’t answer that, I know he is, you have his phone.”
“Yeah, there’s been a situation; I need you to come get him.”
You see Ravi start to shake his head and mouth ‘NO’ but you ignore him. He moves to go to the door but you step in front of him with your hand out. “Can you come right now? I’m not sure how much longer we can keep him here.”
“We?!?!” You hear another Korean swear word that you don’t know, then it sounds like he has his hand over the phone.
“It’s [YN] Ravi’s at her place. Where’s Leo, is he back yet?”
“He got home, was here for like two minutes and then tore out the door again. Is she okay? Didn’t he go there?”
You aren’t sure who’s talking in the background but you can hear the stress in N’s voice when he comes back on the line.
“Leo’s there isn’t he?”
“Yeah. That’s the we.”
“Do we need to bring a first aid kit with us?”
You laugh for the first time since Ravi knocked on your door, “Uh no. You can thank me for that later. Just get here quick okay?”
“We're on our way.” Before he hangs up you can hear a car motor start. You let out a sigh and close the phone.
“I don’t need babysitters!” He runs his hands angrily through his hair and storms off in the opposite direction.
“Shh!! I have roommates remember? I’m amazed they haven’t already come out to find out what’s going on.”
“Sure, go get them, let’s have everyone know of my humiliation!”
You close your eyes against his pain. He’s one of your closest friends and all you want to do is go over and comfort him, tell him that everything will be fine. But you can’t. Any movement you make towards Ravi will hurt Leo right now, God this is so unfair and painful; for all of you.
“Wonsik, please. There’s nothing to be humiliated about. Last week I would have welcomed your kiss,” you feel Leo tense up behind you. You snake your arm around his and give it a squeeze, “Before I knew anything about all this and started having dreams. I’m sorry you’re hurting. This wasn’t done to hurt you; please, you have to know that.”
He’s sitting on the floor, knees up, head resting on them. If Leo’s arms weren’t tightly around you, securing you to him, you would have already gone to him. You didn’t hear the door open behind you and are startled when you hear N voice.
“She’s right Wonsik. You know that, we all do.”
His brothers Hyuk and Hongbin are suddenly on either side of him, offering the support you wished you could.
N looks over at you, “What happened?”
Before you can speak Leo interjects, hissing out the words; “He kissed her!”
You thought you’d calmed him down but the ferocity in his voice tells you his pain is still very raw. N looks between the two of them and then over to you with a nod.
“You’re right; it appears we all owe you our thanks. I’m not sure how you countered the bloodshed but I’m grateful.”
He looks a little closer at you seeing your swollen lips and raises an eyebrow. You shake your head, “No. It wasn’t redirected at me, I’m fine.”
He still looks suspicious but accepts your answer when Leo speaks again;
“I want her to move in. Tonight.”
Four pair of eyes look up at the two of you. You look down, it isn’t a decision for you; it has to be discussed within their group.
N walks over to stand between the two of you and Ravi with the others.
“That’s a group decision Leo, you know that. It could be a very uncomfortable discussion for [YN] as well, best to have it when we are all together and she is not with us.”
He looks over at you, bending over to get your attention, knowing better than to touch you. “Am I correct?”
You nod, “Yes. I would rather not be present while being discussed.”
N smiles, “I thought so. We can have an emergency meeting tomorrow, is that soon enough for you?”
Leo nods, “I’m staying here with her tonight.”
N nods, “Understandable.”
As the four of them head out the door, N turns with a last comment.
“Leo, I know it is difficult for you to think straight right now but if you can, think about what having [YN] moving in will do to Wonsik.”
He holds his hand up to stop Leo from commenting, “Just think about it. I’m not saying no, just maybe not tomorrow.”
He nods at you, says goodnight and closes the door.
Once the door closes, Leo turns you in his arms and buries his face in your hair.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I can’t control it. Help me control it.” With his last words his lips find yours, his tongue demanding entrance in what feels like desperation.
You pull back, kiss his eyes and put a finger on his lips.
“I have to go tell my roommates I have a guest. Give me a minute?”
You lead him over to the couch and leave to see who exactly is home and who is still out for the evening.
You return with a pillow and blanket, putting the pillow down and patting it for him to lay down. He grins up at you, as if he were a little boy, but obeys, opening his arms for you. You willingly crawl into the comfort of his arms, and fall asleep in the safety of his presence.
omg Ravi was gonna get the smack down! Don't mess with another mans girls bro. But i secretly wished i got to mess with Ravi too. Gah maybe later. Omo can you have two soulmates!? Woah that would be bad or weird, strange. Idk i really like this and my feels are strong. But i have the power to calm a ragging Leo, haha you sure I'm no witch?
This is so cute but sad at the same time omg😭😍😭
Yay Ravi didn't get hurt! 👏 Ugh i wish i was that girl sleeping in Leo' Oppa's arms!! I mean i know its a story but still. It would be great if this was reality for me and my ultimate bias!
Mmmmm I wish I were snuggled in his arms!!! I think I could just lay there forever. I don't know if it would be good to move in yet or torture Leo by being within running distance of me. That boy got some speed on him to get from their house to "my" house in seconds flat LOL That's dedication, devotion and love!!!
Leo is seriously like miliseconds from taking over as my UB...Taeyang better step up the game...or lose his place. I only started getting into VIXX when Chained Up came out but...Leo jumped into that #2 spot in a hurry. he is coming for Tae full force!
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