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A heart is finite. The layer to your soul. It takes its path. Some to greatness. Some to grow. A heart can be a gateway. To happiness and love. The things you feel in your chest. That is warm to the touch. But the heart is tricky. As it may age. It may cower in darkness. Send you drifting away. Not only from reality. But from your dreams. There is only one savior. That keeps you from these deeds. It stays with you long after you pass. Keeps you directly on your path. To the path of which you choose. To live. To die. To achieve. To lose. It's one with walls that keeps all your ghosts. All your oceans and seas. While it keeps you afloat. Sink or swim is your choice. Your motive. Your reason. For if you drown in your mind. Your sea. Well than you yourself can become. The definition of insanity.