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So after my breakup last year, I was really depressed and dysfunctional. I was a mess and I wanted to quit everything. Anyways, one special person helped me out of funk. He was one of my best friends. Yeah. You already know where this is going. Anyways, he constantly got me out of the house to continue playing tennis and to keep me in shape. He would also introduce me to the things I've lost during my previous relationship. He was also my date for Homecoming because he was the only one I could trust especially when I have panic attacks. Overall he's a great person and I started to have a little crush on him. I shrugged it off because I didn't want to think that he's a rebound. For months, we constantly talked and hung out. We had moments where we got too close to each other but we didn't mind. It kind of changed when he started getting busy with school and found an interest to a younger girl. She was a girl version of him. She's pretty and innocent. The opposite of me who have been tainted by the harsh reality of relationships. He kind of just stopped talking to me for months and I didn't mind at first, but now I don't really know how to feel. I mean he's 18 and she's 14 which means that I still have a chance since they do not want to take their relationship further. But I don't want to do anything to ruin it, he seems happy. Couple of days ago, I was invited to his graduation and it was great all in all. The whole time, his parents thought that we were together. But I realized that I have feelings for him since I don't even know, which made it seem awkward for his mom to say that I should be her daughter in law. I like humor but like that left me a huge question in my head. I saw what he's like with his family and friends. I've gotten to know him through his parents perspective and I felt more attached in a way. He likes someone and he sees me as a sister, but i think that I have feelings for him. What do I do about this situation? Do I tell him and risk ruining 6 years of friendship?
Yes. (but only if from the deepest, truest heart) But remember; beliefs & feelings about people are where the universe dumps uncertainty and inevitable change)... But if you're down w/ the impermanence and think it's worth a chunk of your life in exchange for the experience, I say *go for it!* πŸ˜»πŸ˜„
Love isn't complicated people are.