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You let out a happy sigh of relief as you saw Taeil’s door come into view. Your hand squeezed Taeil’s gently as he entered the pin to unlock the door. It had been a long night, you and your boyfriend, Taeil, had just returned from a double date with Doyoung and his girlfriend. He let go of your hand and opened the door, holding it open for you to enter first. Once you got inside you slid off your heels immediately and nudged them to the side with your foot. Taeil followed suit once inside and smiled to himself. “Can I borrow something else to change into?” you ask as you tug your uncomfortable dress down a little more. “You look so good though~” he hums, but smiles and begins to head to his room. You follow after him closely after setting your stuff down by the kitchen table. “Pick anything you like,” he says as he pushes the door open to his room and motions to the closet. He then veered into his bathroom and you glanced at him as he turned on the faucet to wash his face. You shuffled through his top drawer, picking through his boxers to find a pair to your liking. You felt your hand brush something hard and pulled it out as Taeil came back into the room. Your eyes examined the box of condoms before you looked up at him. “Ah….” he rubbed the back of his neck flustered for a second. “You could have hid them somewhere less cliché” you point out teasingly. He came towards you this time with a small smile and took the box from you. “Let’s try them out~” He stopped his movements and eyed you. You quickly took the box from him and smiled, setting it down. “You’re so naughty” he teased. You pushed him down onto the bed and straddled his legs, a sly grin on your face. He propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view and ran his hand along your thigh. You soon hopped off of the bed after giving him a long kiss. “Help me” you said, lifting your hair, making the zipper of your dress come into view. He slowly slid the tab down, exposing your skin. You turned back around and began to take off his tie. Hastily you then popped open the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off his frame. You smiled to yourself as you saw his crystal skin before you, so perfect, the faint outlines of muscles carved into his skin around his abdominal and chest area. You brought him into another kiss and felt your feet move back and your body gently come in contact with the wall behind you. He was so passionate and hot, his lips tasted divine and the warmth seeped into your whole body. It was a slow, but fiery kiss. Your hands fiddled with unbuckling his belt and tossing it to the side, while his hands wandered up your moving arms and to the straps of your dress that loosely hung on your shoulders. His warm hands slid under the fabric and pushed the straps off your shoulders and down. With his pants unzipped and face hot he stepped away as you pushed on his chest. Quickly you shed your dress to the floor and stepped out of it. As you began towards Taeil you saw him take steps backwards until he roughly sat on the edge of the bed, biting his lip as he looked up at you. “Take them off” you whispered as you glanced at his pants. With one swift motion he pulled off his underwear and pants and kicked them off. His hand stroked his member a few times before you pushed on his chest again. “Go get one” you purred, nodding your head towards the box of condoms. You peeled off your panties and when you looked up again he was leaned against the headboard, tearing open the small package. You climbed toward him and waited patiently between his spread legs. Quietly you took the condom from him as he flicked the wrapper to the side and watched. Slowly you rolled it on him and you watched as he gulped and adjusted himself, closing his eyes. You straddled him again and kissed his nose. “Please, I need you so bad-” “You’ve got to work for it” you interrupted, taking his wrist in yours and guiding it down your bodies. You let out a soft sigh as you felt your heat stroked gently. You bent your head down and kissed his collar bone then neck, hands resting on his chest. His rhythm got steadier and he inserted a finger in you. “You’re so wet and hot” he moaned in approval. Before long he added another and fucked you steadily with his fingers. You bit down on his shoulder to keep from moaning too loudly and leaned into him. As his trusts became faster you pulled away and his hand pulled out. Ever so slowly you unclasped your bra finally and tossed it then aligned yourself with him. You eased your way down onto him and he let out a large sigh of bliss. You rocked on him first and brought your lips together. Your hands clamped into his silky hair and his gripped your hips. You rocked forward more and could feel his length finally start to slide out, before you rocked back again and felt him glide further in. You both let out moans at the feeling and parted lips. Your rhythm picked up after a while and you began to bounce on him. His head hit the headboard as his eyes closed and his grip tightened. “Ahh- Yes, (y/n)- Just like that-” One of your hands moved to grip onto his shoulder for balance as the other held your breasts. Soon you decided to turn things up a notch and held onto the headboard as you rode him relentlessly. His words and sentences weren’t coherent, just a mix of shouting you name and curses, as well as loud moan and groans tossed in. You also were having trouble keeping quiet, especially when one of his hands adjusted so he could reach your clit with his thumb, his other, traveling up to your rib cage and bringing your throbbing breasts closer to him. He plants hard kisses on them and small bites. His practiced thumb followed your heat and you cried out at the pressure he applied. “(y/n)- (y/n)- I’m close- Come on!!” The feeling in your core began to build up and you moaned again, letting him know. You looked down and watched as his beautiful face twisted in pleasure, his eyebrows scrunching together and his mouth falling open. You both came around the same time and slowly rode out the orgasm together, your heavy panting and hot skin radiating throughout the room. You slid off him easily and collapsed next to him. “I love you” he voiced, still breathing heavily with his eyes closed. You chuckled before wrapping your arms around his torso in a hug, resting your cheek against his throbbing chest. “I love you too~” His free arm moved and his hand gently rubbed circles into your back. “I’m too tired to take a shower” you cried, feigning a whiny tone. “Just go to sleep” Taeil cooed, playing with the end of your hair, “you must be tired.”

@PrettieeEmm it can't be helped smut does that to you xD
I have got to stop reading this kind of stuff right before bed. keeps me up. :P
love you @gabbylu13 😘😘
all these souls flying around @StefaniTre
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