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I know I know. I haven't posted since in a long time but listen you guys. I know there's a lot going on especially with the recent rumor of Jungkook supposedly dating someone. The hashtag #CutForKookie isn't getting popular because ARMYS are actually doing this. I've been watching the tweets all this time. The ARMYS are just tagging it telling others to stop when the "real cutters" actually use photos from Google. When you want something to stop especially a hashtag like that. You don't just go using it to tell others to stop over and over again. It'll only the the hashtag trend even more. The ones who made these rumors up are the ones who don't like BTS at all. They claim to actually cut when they don't actually do it. Giving them attention is what they want. And we are exactly doing that. We're feeding them the attention. A girl who's Twitter who I will not tell because some of you would probably think that you should talk to her to stop this, but in the end she'll think she's high and mighty to think she has all the ARMYS in her hands. She's the one who basically started the hashtag. Well, more like supported it with her other friend who DID start the trend of the Hashtag. They were already notified from BigHit that of they continue making rumors that they will deactivate their accounts. Listen, they think they are the queens at trolling and scamming. Using the hashtag even more will boost their confidence. Don't use it the tag at all. If you want to stop #CutForKookie and #CutForChinChim then I suggest to just let it die and don't even hashtag it. Leave it alone. And you'll see that eventually it'll go away. Everyone will forget it and no one will ever remember it. Please ARMYS, don't do this to the boys who have gone this far. Don't tag it or use it at all. Understand that this is the only solution. Please, ARMYS already look bad enough; don't make it worse.
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Y'all wanna surprise visit her? XD with a bat?. Lol But seriously people like this are so immature. 😐😑 that's why I've been saying there should be a special plague that gets rid of people like this. 😑
@AbbyRamey That's why half of these idols date secretly. I do believe Soohyun from U-Kiss got married in private and made it public last year or so. I was shocked. But I didn't go cutting myself like wtf
cutting alone is just stupid and this reason is even more stupid just live in peace damn people do stupid things but this is just unbelievable😧
It's honestly fucking messed up that they would start something like that. I don't see why others would actually believe something like that