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Summer has officially start last week, and the weather has been nothing but horribly hot and humid with an addition to rain. For a gentleman that wants to dress and be perceived as being well-dressed, it is not good visually to be in hot humid weather. Sweat starts coming down your face as soon as you walk out and everything you wear basically becomes drenched in sweat. There is one solution to all this, not wearing anything. Not wearing anything may be the best solution, but this is New York and the way you present yourself is very important. I also think its illegal to be 100% naked and walking around, you are only allowed to be 50% naked. So the question is, what do you wear during the summer? A nice pair of shorts and a tank top may be the second best solution after being naked. Hoever, we are all gentlemen here and we can't go on that date or go to work in shorts. So here is my solution to you men that need to look sophisticated. Nothing beats the coolness and sophistication of Linen. A Linen suit or a combination of Linen Trousers and Linen Shirt can be beautiful. Linen is an amazing material, it actually surprised me of how lightweight it was. In addition to the lightweight, the fabric and the textures are amazing. This summer wear Linen! P.S. I could only afford Linen Trousers. History of Linen: Linen is made from fibers of the flax plant, and it is a very labor intensive fabric to manufacture, this is probably the reason why is so expensive. Linen is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen being woven into fabric dates back to as early as 36,000 BP.
@goyo will do
@thesengen actually can you please tag me in the post about any watches as well? i have a thing for watches lol
@lovemilkis I understand why you think that. However, Thom Browne's colorways were started from Students at Oxford and the Nato strap in that color way existed way before. Thom Browne just made that colorway more viral and popular with his branding :)
the watch looks like thom browne but that colorway is everywhere haha
@thesengen I will! Just tag me in the post and I'll come check it out :)
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