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One of my favorite Korean R&B group came out with new album last Friday. The music is pure, simple and easy for the ears as usual. I usually don't take too much time analyzing into the lyrics and music video but for this one it caught my attention.

The song title is I Don't Love You.

Upon seeing the title I thought the music video will be about how the girl or guy going through a rough breakup. It was the total opposite. I didn't expect the video to illustrate a hard reality some people might go through in a relationship. I screen captured each scene for better interpretation to show signs he/she is not into you.

ONE: Emotion-Less

The music video begins like this: On an ordinary day, the guy and the girl enters a restaurant. The guy gives the girl a bouquet but he doesn't look happy.
Their fancy dinner came out. The table setting is beautiful and food looks delicious but at the same time it looks cold.

TWO: Can't Focus on You

The guy is obviously distracted by the arguing couple on the other table. His girlfriend noticed it and tried to get his attention back to the their own table.
She got half of his attention but his still turns his head once more to the couple arguing.
They continued their meal but the boyfriend zones out. The girlfriend continues eating while looking a bit bored.
The music video shows the couple enjoying wine and show flashes of rose and moved on to the next scene where the guy walks out of the restroom. As he walk towards his table he saw his girlfriend applying makeup. He still looks stiff. Their eyes meet. The shy hides hides her face with her palm because she got caught re-applying makeup.

THREE: Not Sincere

He then stretches his right hand out to signal her to come over. He then pops a ring out and put it on her finger. He just proposed to her. No words just action.
The girlfriend is obviously extremely happy. Then hugs him.
On the other hand, he showed little to no emotions.
The scene shifts focus. This is suppose to represent the guy's views. The camera zoom in on another woman's shoes from the bottom up. Until both eyes came into contact.

FOUR: Wandering Eyes

He continues staring at her while hugging his girlfriend. The fact his eyes still wanders shows he is not 100% in love with his current girl, but just showing act of service and love like what a boyfriend should do.
From the previous expression of the girl it already showed that she is aware he's not really into her. Yet, she didn't want to end their relationship because she loves him.
Urban Zapaka's songs are usually mellow but this one struck the heart hard because it's so true. Sometimes people stay in a relationship due to a sense of responsibility, pity, and loneliness. After watching this music video almost 5 times I can honestly say...this is the type of relationship you don't want to be trapped in. Instead of hurting the other person, be honest with your feelings.
Note: If you want to read the lyrics turn on the caption on the video above.
Bet you the man is like " I shouldn't have married her. instead I should have just left when I was In the bathroom and while the woman is putting her makeup I would've taken that one lady that was sitting down at the bar with me instead " 😋😋
extremely deep^
love this card
wow that's really deep
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