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“Come on, _______ noona!” Jihoon begged you for the tenth time that night while you cleaned up their dishes from dinner. “We never get a chance to go out and we can only go if you go with us.” “You all should be sleeping not worrying about going clubbing.” You laughed, ignoring his loud booming groan from the table. “I don’t even have anything to wear to a club, Jihoon.” “You must have something.” Jaehyo chimed in who also really wanted to go out. You sighed and finished the dish you were working on and turned around to see all of them looking intently at you. “You guys really want to go, huh?” “Yes!” Jihoon boomed with a slight attitude and you rolled your eyes. “Fine. Let me go see what I have to wear.” You sighed and they all jumped up and ran to their rooms like children ready to go to Disney World or something. You went to your room on the other side of the dorm and went to your closet to see what you had that could possibly be club worthy. It wasn’t looking good. You let out a frustrated sigh as you pulled out shirt after shirt and decided on a somewhat flashy tanktop and high waisted shorts. It was simple but if you wore heels it might look okay. You changed quickly, did your makeup and hair then walked back out into the living room. Minhyuk was sitting on the couch, ready to go and looked up at you wide eyed as he saw you. “Is this okay, oppa or is it too plain?” He looked you up and down with wide eyes. “Wow.” You’re stomach sank seeing him look at you like this, like he was undressing you with his eyes and a slight smirk curled on his lips. You blushed furiously and looked anywhere but his eyes but luckily the moment was interrupted by the rest of the guys coming loudly into the room. Jihoon laughed in shock seeing you dressed up. “Yah! Noona! Look at you!” “You look great, ______-ah.” Jiho smiled and smacked Jihoon on the arm as you blushed again. “Can we go, now?” You asked feeling completely naked around them all now that they were gawking over you. “Yeah! Let’s go!” Jihoon yelled again shoving us all out of the dorm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you arrived at the club, you were all let in immediately, being VIP and shown to your section up stairs overlooking the whole place. They all started ordering their drinks but you decided it would be best if you stayed sober to watch all them and make sure they didn’t do something stupid. You sat next to Ukwon on one of the couches and tried to forget that you were so out of your element in this place. You laughed a Jaehyo who was yelling at girls over the railing like an idiot. “Oppa, why don’t you go down and talk to them?!” You laughed over the music but he just shrugged. “He’s too scared to talk to girls.” Taeil snickered, sitting down on the other side of me and mixing his drink from the bottles of alcohol that just arrived. “And you’re so short none of them will see who’s talking to them.” Jaehyo snapped and everyone laughed, except Taeil of course. You giggled and pat his shoulder. “You’re not that short, oppa. Don’t worry.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He sighed and took a drink then stood up to go hang out with Jaehyo on the railing. Minhyuk moved to sit down next to you and mixed himself a drink. You smiled slightly at the feeling of his body so close to you. His thigh pressed against yours as he poured his drink then sat back to lounge cooly like this was his normal scene. You kept talking with the others, trying to ignore that you were having sudden feelings for him being close to you. It didn’t help that after a few moments, when you thought you were in the clear, you felt his hand rest on your lower back as you were leaning forward to talk to the others. It sent a wave of goosebumps across your body and you fought the urge to look back at him. Then he began rubbing the small of your back, rather suggestively, but luckily he was interupted by Jiho before he could make his way down any further. “Minhyuk hyung, I’m suprised you’re not out dancing yet.” Jiho laughed, making you jump a little. “Yeah, I figured you would be grinding with all the ladied by now you perv.” Ukwon laughed. Minhyuk smirked, knowing they were right and looked right at you. “_________-ah, come dance with me.” Your stomach dropped again and you felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest as all the guys looked to you to see what you would say and some snickering could be heard. “W-what? Me?” “Unless you know of another _______-ah in this place?” He laughed and you couldn’t stand how cool he could be about this when you felt like throwing up from embarrassment. “Come on.” He stood up and held out his hand but you just sat there, shaking your head timidly. “You really don’t understand, I can’t dance. Like at all.” “I’ll help you.” He sighed but gave you a reassuring smile. “I promise, come on.” “Oppa, I really can’t.” You begged and he sighed, holding out his hand waiting for a response. “I’ll look stupid.” “Don’t worry about it, _______-ah. You look hot.” Jaehyo snickered with a wink. “You’ll make him look better.” You groaned loudly, defeated. You figured if anything you could just grind your hips with him and get it over with. And get it over with before you had more of these feelings. “Fine, what the hell.” You stood up from the couch and took his hand as he smiled widely at his success. He led you down the stairs to the bottom floor and all you could think about what how it looked like there were a million times more people down here than when you were up in the VIP. You got a little nervous as he turned around with that sly smirk on his face and pulled you close to his body after spinning you around so your rear was up against him. His hands gripped your waist as you went with the music. He let his hands wander freely but you couldn’t say you weren’t enjoying it. “You look so sexy tonight.” He told you close to your ear and wrapped his arms around your body. You just smiled to yourself and pushed your body closer against him, enjoying the attention he was giving you now that you were over the nervousness. You could feel his face against the crook of your neck after he pulled your hair to the side to brush his lips along your skin. “I want you so fucking bad.” Your stomach sank again for the hundredth time that night and you didn’t know how to react other than to freeze up in shock. There was no way this was happening right now. He realized you’d stopped dancing because of what he said but he didn’t hesitated to take your hand and lead you away from the dance floor toward the bathrooms. You were still blank from this whole situation and followed as best you could. He was on a mission and wasn’t paying attention to anything but getting to that bathroom. As soon as you were through the door of the men’s room and he’d checked the stalls, he locked the door quickly then turned to you with a grin on his face. “Finally.” He growled and pushed you back against the cold tile wall, enveloping your mouth in his hungrily. You were taken back but instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck, alowing him do whatever he wanted to you. His hands wandered all over your body and his mouth followed close behind them. You couldn’t wipe the grin off your face, feeling his lips all over your body. “Oppa–” You breathed and he lifted his head to look you in the eye but continued to try and take your shirt of, a smile still curled on his lips. “Are we really doing this here?” “Do you not want to?” He asked, breathing slightly heavy now. You shrugged playfully with a smirk and bit your lip. He grinned wider than ever and lifted you up by your thighs, gripping your rear, and carried you over to the sinks. He set you down on the counter top and you locked your legs around him. You pulled on his jacket as he kissed you again deeply, taking it down his arms as he smiled against your lips. There was no hesitation on his end to rip your tank top over your head and let his hands trail back down your body. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” “Then do it already.” You bit your lip and slid your hands under his t shirt, letting them wander up his body slowly as he smirked down at you. He knew you were enjoying every second of it and drank it all in. You pulled the shirt up his arms and threw it to the side, before he could take your mouth to his again. He quickly unbuttoned your shorts and you held yourself up on his shoulders so he could pull them down, along with your panties. He pulled your legs so you sat on the edge of the counter and knelt down slowly. Your back arched with anticipation and you hung your head back as he placed your legs on his shoulders, laying kisses down your thigh until he just barely reached your groin. You moaned loudly, unable to hold it in anymore from the burning anticipation between your legs. He smiled against your skin, knowing how much he was teasing you and how much you wanted him now. You put your hand on the back of his head, ruffling his hair slightly as you tried to bring his mouth closer to your spot. He looked up into your eyes like he knew exactly what you wanted but he couldn’t help but tease you. “You want me, don’t you?” His breath was close to your spot and it made you whimper. “Yeah…” He let the tip of his tongue barely graze over the center of your lips and flicked gently once he reached your clit, giving you a chill and you shuddered. As soon as he realized how ready you were he gave up teasing and quickly enveloped your womanhood in his mouth. The wave of pleasure took your breath away, causing you to pull hard on his hair that you were gripping in one hand. He groaned in the sudden pain on his head but it only made your pleasure greater, feeling his mouth vibrate against you like that. You moaned louder, craving him more than ever. “My turn.” He smirked, standing up. You could barely move as you were still feeling the pleasure of his mouth on you as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his feet, revealing his hard cock that was more than ready for you. He adjusted you again so you were on the edge of the counter and you gripped his neck again with your hands, burning to have him inside you. In the back of your mind you still couldn’t believe this was happening but you never wanted it to end. “You ready?” “Do it.” You breathed heavily and pulled his mouth to yours, making him fumble to adjust himself and slip inside you. There was an imediate wave of pleasure through your midsection as soon as he was deep inside you. He let out a long strained breath and leaned against you as he started thrusting in and out gently. You clawed his back and his gripped your ass roughly in return. It didn’t take long for you at all to get close to climaxing as he pounded inside you, hitting the spot perfectly everytime. You got louder, not giving a shit that you were still in a public place and that someone could be outside the door. Soon the burning you felt increased until you couldn’t take it anymore you felt yourself tightening and spasming around his length. It strained him more feeling you climax and he finally let out a loud moan close to your ear where he was holding himself up against you; you knew he was close. You kept moaning in his ear, loud like before to drive him even closer to finishing which worked rather easily. He went faster until a long, strained moan escaped his lips and he started to cum inside you. You lifted his face to yours and kissed him deeply as he continued to twitch until he was completely finished, then lay breathless against your shoulder to hold himself up. “Holy shit.” He breathed as you scratched the back of his scalp gently, making him sigh contently. “I could stay like this all night.” “Uh, oppa. We’re in a bathroom remember?” You laughed and he sat up, looking around. “Oh, right. Well let’s get out of here and back to the dorms.” He smirked and kissed you softly. “You’re staying with me tonight.”

Bathroom sex hehe! 😉 At least it was a bathroom you could lock and not a stall! haha!
Fuuuuuuuuuuuu........... Ck 😫🙌🏻