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His lips landed on yours and a rush of excitement filled you. You weren’t sure why. You’ve kissed him before, but the challenge of not touching him, to let only your lips caress the others, it was already proving to be harder than you expected. You opened your lips and bit his lip, hoping to make him lose the game. He only moaned slightly. It was ironic, your action was meant to weaken him, but his reaction only weakened you.
You lifted your hand, not thinking, but thankfully stopped yourself before you touched his soft cheek.
Touch me! You yelled at Jaehyo in your mind. Just a finger unknowingly rested against your knee, that was all you needed. You didn’t want to lose, but you knew he didn’t want to lose either. You thought you were stronger, but realizing that a small moan made you want to jump on him, was proving your assumption false.
“I love you.” He broke his lips from yours.
“Shut up.” You replied, he was cheating.
He laughed slightly, “The rules only say we can’t touch. There’s nothing about talking.” He closed his lips around yours, sucking gently. “So, I can tell you how much I love you,” another kiss, “how sexy I think you are,” a kiss on your cheek, “how hot it is when you turn your neck like that,” he said as he kissed your neck, “and how much I want to fuck you.” His teeth grazed the sensitive skin on your neck.
It felt like an explosion went off inside of you. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him to the floor with you.
You heard him snicker as his lips worked against your neck, “You lose.” He whispered.
“I don’t care.” You replied, already breathless.
His hand cupped your chin and he turned your head, exposing your neck even more. He trailed kisses all over your neck, pulling at your skin here and there leaving splotchy red marks across your skin. Jaehyo’s lips met yours once again, his kissing was rougher now, his tongue sneaking it’s way into your mouth.
His hand gently wrapped around your breast, kneading it through the fabric. He sat up, grabbed your shirt and pulled it over your head before tossing it aside. “Undress for me.” He sat back, resting his weight against his arm.
Shyly, you stood up. You looked at him, seeing him stare at you like this, his eyes seeming to devour every inch of you, made you nervous. You looked down and unbuttoned your jeans, you glanced at him as you pulled them down. His lip was caught between his teeth. You stepped out of them and moved your hands to the clasp of your bra, this time you looked at him confidently, meeting his gaze. You let your bra slide down one arm and to the floor. You stood, not moving or saying anything.
“Finish.” He instructed quietly and pointed to your panties.
You pushed your thumbs below the elastic and pulled them down, letting gravity finish your work.
He smiled, “Come here.” His voice was so sweet.
You walked over to him and stood in front of him, his beautiful smile still on his face. His hand trailed up your leg, to your hip and just barely touched your bare chest. He left chills in his wake. He brought his hand down your stomach, stopping at your pussy. Jaehyo glanced up at you before continuing. Your heart was pounding so loud, you were sure he could hear it or even seeing beating against your ribcage.
He brushed his finger against the outside of your lips, causing your breath to catch in your throat. You looked down and saw him smiling.
You closed your eyes, waiting for what was going to happen next.
“Look at me.” His angelic voice floated up to you. You opened your eyes slowly, meeting his. “Keep your eyes on me.” You nodded meekly as he finished his sentence. Without warning, he pushed his fingers into you. You immediately forgot your agreement with him. You moaned and closed your eyes. He suddenly pulled his longer fingers out of you. You looked at him startled.
Jaehyo smiled, “That’s better.” His fingers slid inside of you one more time, only slower now. He curled them repeatedly, hitting your spot, every time. You felt your knees getting weak. His eyes watched you. It was hotter than you thought it was going to be, looking each other in the eyes. Unfortunately he stopped. His hand instead grabbed your ass as he pulled you to him, kissing his way up your leg, to your inner thigh and finally your pussy.
“Oh my god!” You breathed as he kissed your pussy. He looked up at you, another smile. He pulled your hips, guiding your pussy to his mouth. His tongue grazed across your clit, causing your body to shiver. You already felt you knees get weak. Your knees grew weaker as he pushed his tongue inside of you, before moving back to your clit.
“Jaehyo –.” You moaned, “I can’t –.” You couldn’t even finish your sentence, you breathing or moaning kept cutting you off. You pushed his shoulders back and caught your breath, “I can’t stand if you’re going to do that.”
He smiled and took his shirt off, “Come here then.” He finished undressing before he laid down on the floor. You began to straddle his waist but he shook his head, “No. Here.” He grabbed your hips and pulled you, once again, to his mouth.
His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking and nibbling in succession. You couldn’t help yourself, you pushed your pussy against his face, grinding slowly against his mouth. His hands roughly grabbed your breasts, causing you to whimper. You pushed your hips forward as you came, rubbing once more against his mouth.
You moved off of him as he sat up and wiped his mouth. He smiled, completely pleased with his work. He pulled you in front of him, turning your back to him.
“Put my dick inside of you. I want to fuck you.” He whispered against your neck before kissing it gently. You bent over, feeling his hands glide down your sides and to your hips. You grabbed his dick between your legs and guided it to your waiting pussy. Without hesitation he slammed his dick deep inside of you. You screamed as a result, glancing back at him. He had a pleased smile on his face. You were momentarily amazed by how angelic he looked even when he was fucking you. He pulled your hips to him harder each time, and each time you moaned.
“Rub your clit.” He knew that was the only way you would get off again. You pressed your fingers against your swollen skin, rubbing quickly.
As the pleasure grew, you pushed your hips into him, wanting to feel him deeper.
“Jaehyo, deeper!” You were able to say before he caused you to moan again.
He pounded his dick inside of you until you were screaming his name. You briefly heard him moan as he pulled and held you against him.
You both collapsed against the floor, hearts pounding, lungs working overtime, neither one of you able to say a word.

Jaehyo? more like JaeHOE!!
@luna1171 I thought reading it before was help 💁🙌😂
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