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Kyung knew that you didn’t mean to tease him; all you were trying to do was put eyeliner on. But the way that you were leaning against the counter caused the material of the oversized shirt that you had worn to bed rise up to expose your lacy underwear—something that drove him crazy. He got out of bed and moved to the doorway of the bathroom and leaned against the jamb, unable to keep his gaze off of the way the material of your underwear hugged your bottom. So focused was he that when you leaned back, causing your shirt to drift back down to below the part of your anatomy that he had been admiring, he let out a soft noise of disappointment. Unable to resist, he stepped behind you, resting his hands on your hips. You smile at him in the mirror, and he smiles that wide and innocent smile that you loved so much. “Good morning baby,” you say, and he kisses your head. “Good morning. You ready for the date of your life?” You roll your eyes. “We’re just going to go see a movie.” “AND I’m making you dinner. Don’t forget that.” “Oh I haven’t. Why do you think I stocked up on Pepto?” “Yah, what a cheeky girlfriend I have!” Kyung said, slapping your butt lightly. Your eyebrows rise up in surprise, as he had never done something like that before, but you let it slide, finishing putting on your makeup and throwing on jeans, a t-shirt and flats before meeting Kyung at the door. But your boyfriend’s seemingly new obsession with your bottom continued, from resting his hand dangerously low on your back as you walked to the car and into the movie theater, to small teasing taps as you continued the easy banter that the two of you had. The highlight, however, came while he was making dinner. Worried about your safety, you had claimed a section of the counter for yourself, perching there while you watched Kyung putter around the kitchen, supervising him, as the last time he had tried to make you dinner, it had ended in the fire department being called, and Kyung missing one of his eyebrows for a while. “Why are you cooking that on high?” you ask, eyebrows rising in concern. “Will you just relax? I’ve got everything under control.” “That’s what you said last time,” you reply, hopping off the counter to go get a drink, but when you feel something snap against your bottom, you wheel around in surprise. “Did you?” you ask, rubbing your bum as you stare in disbelief at your boyfriend, who was grinning away, the towel he had smacked you with dangling in his hands. “Yeah,” he smirks. “But don’t try to tell me you didn’t like it.” You open your mouth to do just that, but realized that you couldn’t, because there was almost a feeling of… dare you say, arousal spreading through your body. You almost wanted him to… “Do you want me to do it again?” Kyung asks, still smiling his charming smile, but there was a different look in his eyes, one that turned that normally innocent smile into one that was almost predatory. “…” you trail off, unsure of what to say. He moves closer to you, taking you into his arms. “It’s okay if you don’t jagi,” he murmurs. “That’s just it… I don’t know if I do or if I don’t,” you say, flicking your eyes up to his, biting your lip as you feel your cheeks heat up. You hadn’t known this before, but it would seem that Kyung liked spanking you… and you were starting to wonder if you didn’t like it as well. “Well, there’s really only one way to find out,” he says, hands slowly sliding down your back to rest on the curve of your bottom, eyes searching yours for permission to continue. Taking a deep breath, you shyly nod, closing your eyes as you wait for him to do it, but you heard him chuckle. “Silly girl,” he says, kissing your forehead before breaking the embrace to go over to the stove to turn it off. “If we’re going to experiment, we’re going to do it right.” He takes your hand and leads you back into the bedroom. “Take off your pants,” he says, and you felt the beginnings of your arousal stir in your stomach. You slowly slide your jeans—and your underwear when he motioned at them, down and step out of them, awaiting further instruction, which Kyung wasted no time in giving. “Go to the bathroom and stand the way you were this morning.” You were confused at first, but then memories of the morning came back, and you made your way to the bathroom, resting your palms against the counter and leaning forward, hyper aware now of how this pose, one you assumed almost every morning, made your bum to stick out. You could see him in the mirror and the look of pure lust in his eyes caused blood to rush to your cheeks. “Are you sure about this?” he asks, his breathing already starting to get a little ragged. “Yes,” you say, nodding as well to show him that you wanted this, wanted to experience this. You both took deep breaths, and he came closer, slowly running his hand down your back, causing goose bumps to prickle your skin. The anticipation was killing you, but then his hand lifted from your body and came down with a hard smack, the sound of his skin hitting your echoing in the room. You gasp, the heady rush of pleasure you had gotten from the sharp pain of the spanking overwhelming. “Jagi? Are you okay?” he asks, concerned, but he quickly found his answer when he slid his hands in between my legs. “Oh my god,” he whispers. “You’re soaked.” A whimper was your only reply, as your attention was split between keeping your legs steady, as Kyung’s hand had started to lightly rub your clit, and attempting to not beg for him to hit you again because it just felt so damn good. But you hadn’t fooled him. Leaning forward so that his toned body covered yours, he nipped at your ear before asking, “Do you want me to do it again?” You toyed with saying no, but now that you had had a taste of it, you wanted more. Biting your lip, you nodded vigorously, almost bouncing on your toes in anticipation. You didn’t have to wait long for that addicting rush of pleasure-pain, and he went a little further this time, hitting first one cheek, then the other. You couldn’t keep the breathy moan in, and he groaned as he ran his hand softly over your bottom, the soothing sensation an arousing contradiction to the harsh slaps he had just applied to the same area. But you didn’t want soothing. “Kyung…more…please?” you plead, eyes meeting his in the mirror, another surge of moisture flooding your core at the look in his eyes. He bit his lip, then his gaze flickered down to your bottom and he raised his hands. Alternating cheeks, he hit you three more times, and then moved to soothe them again. “Don’t,” you whisper, wanting to feel the sting a little longer. He listened, but instead moved his hands to your wet folds, slipping two fingers in easily and starting to pump. As he did this, he started to spank you again, and the orgasm that had been building hit you, Kyung’s name exploding from your lips in breathy gasps. Your legs give out finally and he grabs your waist, lifting you up and carrying you into the bedroom, setting you on the bed before removing his clothes to join you, straddling you as he helped you out of the rest of your clothes before starting to play with your clit, your arousal quickly building due to the orgasm you had just had. Bending his head down, Kyung took a nipple into his mouth, rolling it around in his mouth before nipping at it. You threaded your fingers through his short blond hair, holding him to your chest. Moaning, he brought his head up to yours, capturing your lips in a rough kiss as he slid into you. “God, you always feel so good,” he murmurs as he starts to move. “Oh my god,” you moan, head thrashing on the bed from the onslaught of sensations flooding your body; the way the sheet beneath you was rubbing against your already sensitive flesh coupled with the way that he was hitting you in that spot that he knew just how to hit, then when he reached down to rub your clit, you exploded, your back arching as waves of pleasure tore through your body. “Fuck…” Kyung moans, your orgasm having taking him over the edge too. He buried his head into your neck, still thrusting slowly to help you to ride out your highs. Rolling to the side, he pulls you close, brushing some hair out of your eyes. “Any regrets Jagi?” he asks softly, eyes searching yours. Giggling shyly, you cuddle closer to him, brushing his lips with a kiss. “No regrets at all. We just might have to do that again sometime.” “Sounds good to me,” he says, that wide smile spreading across his face.

But did he burn the food?
Oh my
Again I can so see these boys liking rough play not gonna lie 😍😍
@Ligaya me too.. food is so important
@PrettieeEmm lmao I'm just concerned
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