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I'm sure we've all thought about what we'd ask BTS if we had the chance.

But if that dream seems a bit too far, fan accounts/translations are the next best thing.

Don't fret! I did some of the work for you!~ (not all the translating ofc)

I spent several hours online looking for some fan accounts/translations to give you some life if you need it ^^

I'll be posting them here so stay tuned!

If you've seen some of these before, enjoy them again with me! :D

Starting off with a bit of grease ;3

@ JiKook: ♡♡♡ • @ Suga, Jin: why tho? xD... o.o

Surely, one of us fangirls has a chance with Jin!?

Maybe whoever has $300 B dollars, haha... 3rd pic: I translated it with LINE & Google (may not be accurate): Q. What kind of skinship do you prefer? 1) holding hands 2) hug 3) cuddle 4) receiving a kiss 5) kiss [he initiates, I guess?] 6) all ✔

Jungkook being specific

• *is cute* DANG IT, SUGA • [2nd pic is the Sample] that was literally my hairstyle before I cut it for summer WTH Jungkook (;ω;) • @ 3rd pic: Lesson learned: only call him "oppa" (to his face) if he's actually "oppa" • @ 4th: >.> well, he IS an adult now but still... he's too cute to me, haha *is the same age*
@ Suga: oooh he changed his mind :D getting married on his birthday?? Kk... • aweee all 30s and then there's JungHope (?) • why did Kookie draw a heart lol... gosh, V xD

Again, I translated these because idk Portuguese/Korean. Here's what I came up with:

Q. Do you prefer a kiss on the cheek or a peck [kiss on the lips maybe]? Jin: both Suga: both J-hope: peck Jimin: on the cheek V: peck Jungkook: peck [no Rap Mon :/] ARMYs who speak either language, how'd I do???

Wouldn't it be great if they knew my face by heart?... (。T ω T。) oh well

I'll be in the corner reading webtoons

That's it for now!~

Hope you got some pointers on how to marry your BTS bias xD

and that you liked this card ofc As I said, more is on the way (ex: card on their ideal types, more grease) so follow the collection/ask to be tagged for updates!


oh my i died at the ideal types and jimin pulling on the fans shirt and ahh😩😩😩💘💘💘 there just so precious...
XD omf these lil omf I love them omf Jimin in the last picture XD to cute I'm dying
loved this...since I will never get to go to one (theses are the things that make me wish I was Korean lol)
@SimplyAwkward right?! Lesson learned - be careful what you ask! lol 😅 keep tagging me in these! 😆
I love them and this is just so omg I'm tearing up😢
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