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His body was soaking with sweat his breathing became heavier. His lips were red and swollen from him biting down. His fist tightened around the sheets underneath him as he fought not to thrust his hips. After he had been kindly of the consequences if he were to misbehave. Zico just couldn’t bear the thought of having that sinful mouth away from his cock. Not when you were putting it into such a good use. A groan escape his mouth as your tongue skillfully swiped around the head of his erection. he was torn between coming and wanting to further the pleasure even more. “B-baby” He tried to plead to no avail as yet another moan made it’s way past his lips. You pulled away for a bit to look at him. “Don’t even start! You are going to accept your punishment.” Zico nodded wanting no more than to have your mouth on him once more. You looked at him once more before moving to his stomach instead of his cock. Putting his punishment aside for a minute, you leaned down to look at the new addition to his abdomen. The tattoo was healed and looked so incredibly good on him. It turned you on so much (just like his other many tattoos). You loved how the ink looked against his lovely soft skin. And the thing was that Jiho knew just how vulnerable you were to that. That’s why the bastard needed to be punished because yo hadn’t been the first one to see it. You had long accepted the fact that he was to be shared with his fans and you weren’t the type to be obsessively possessive. You just hated when he didn’t showed you first. You had come to find about his tattoo through the pictures of his concert in Europe. You hadn’t seen each other for a few months with him being busy and you being out of the country to visit your family. But even then he could’ve sent a picture. He was a bad boy that needed to be punished for hiding such an important thing. With a smirk, you poked your tongue out to trace the ink. His chest heaved up and down. He lifted his head to look as you worshiped his body. The way your tongue caressed every inch drove him crazy with need. Jiho needed to fuck you soon or he was sure to go crazy soon. One of his hands tried to sneak to grip your head but you quickly pulled away. You glared at him while wiggling your finger. “No no no, you bad boy! You know the rules. No touching until I’m finished” He was about to plead when you gripped his weeping cock making him close his eyes and moan loudly. With a tight grip, you moved your hand up and down his hard length. His hips thrust against your fist which you ignored. Maybe it was time to end this punishment. You were soaking and your pussy was throbbing for his cock after been away from him for so long. With a final tug to his cock, you moved your body to where you were straddling him. He was shocked as he opened his eyes to find you above his cock. “Punishment over jiho“ God, the way his named rolled down your tongue just did the most beautiful things to him. His hands flew to do what he yearned the most since all of it started. He couldn’t decide on what to touch as you sank down his length. You moaned loudly as your walls stretched to accommodate his girth. His hands came to rest as your bare breasts, massaging them to take your mind away from the initial pain. His mouth attacked your neck with soft kisses and bites. You waited until you were sure it was fine. Enveloping his lips with yours, you started a slow pace. Swallowing each other moans, the room was filled with the wet sound of him pounding his cock into you. His hands touched every inch of your body as you buried yours in his blonde hair. Getting closer to finally coming, you fastened the pace. His hips snapped faster chasing the release he had been wanting since the beginning. You pulled away from his mouth to scream his name as his fingers found your clit. His fingertips matching the pace of his hips. “Jiho~” Your walls tightened against his cock making his eyes roll into his skull. The pleasure was becoming to much and too fast. With a last thrust of his hips and a last swipe of your tongue to his neck, Both of you shouted out as you finally came together. His hips continue to move as he filled you with his come. You mewled softly loving the feeling of having him inside. His hands gripped your hips, knowing you’ll be a bit sore and would need help moving. You smiled at how careful and loving he was even after he got what he wanted. He flushed a cute shade of p as he saw your smile to which you laughed. You couldn’t understand how this fluff ball managed to look so sexy and hardcore at times. He carefully helped you settled besides him, his hands softly massaging your sore body. You smile never left your face as his fingers continued their magic. You loved your bad boy just the way he was.

@VKookie47 @SusiBosshammer and there's still 2 more to go.. you can do this ✊FIGHTING!!!
Well i lived a good life....Tell the whole world Zico is the one who killed me...
I just made the mistake of reading all of these latest ones right after each other since I couldn't until now....😳😳😳 APPA GET ME SOME WATER AND A LARGE FAN *collapses due sexy overload*
I need Jesus.... and when I say Jesus I mean Zico.
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