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"Is it Big" P.O (19+)

Cause I love you @ligaya
You giggled as you scrolled down the page. Pictures of your boyfriend, also one of the members in Block B, filled the page. There were many different ones such as their Nalina Era, Nillili Mambo and so on. You had just searched out of boredom. He had a schedule for today leaving you all alone in your apartment. Jihoon still lived with his teammates but his free time was mostly spent with you. Clicking on a particular one brought you to fangirl’s blog. You smile as she professed her love for the youngest in the group. You continued to read until your eyes widened. There was a caption underneath one of his pictures. It read “The biggest of the group- Jihoon’s whale” A bright pink dusted your cheeks as you felt your face on fire. You couldn’t help it as your gaze slowly slipped towards the picture. You were sure you were on fire now. There it was poking from under his tight pants. It wasn’t that you were a virgin but you had never been intimate with him. Between his busy idol life and your own life, you never had the time to go that far. Sure there had been times when your innocent kisses had gotten towards the more intimate side. But you had never seen him naked or had any sex with him. A question popped in your mind. Was he really that big? To the point of calling him a ‘whale’? Your thoughts drifted off thinking about what it would be. Would your first time with him be slow and sweet? Would he be as big as the fans say? You jumped smacking the laptop shut as jihoon greeted you. You had been so caught up in your thoughts that you hadn’t heard him coming in. You got up as he made his way towards you quickly enveloping into a hug after reacing you. You smiled nervously returning his affection with a kiss to his lips. “I thought you were going to finish until late” He shook his head returning your kiss. Jihoon sat in the couch pulling you across his lap. “The choreographer gave up on us. We were a mess with the new dance as we always are” He laughed stopping when he noticed you not laughing along. You bit your lip as the sdame question from before floated in your mind. 'Is it really that big?’ You pulled out of thoughts whn he asked if everything was alright. You moved your legs until you were straddling him. His hands moved to your hips, rubbing comforting circles around. You gulped, his touch not helping you at all. Breathing deeply you looked into his eyes. “Is it big?” You asked with a serious tone. his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean? What’s big?" Jihoon asked, puzzled by your question. Looking at him all confused and helpless made you be a bit more bolder. Your hand snaked down until you reached the hem of his shirt. Lifting it up slowly, you licked your lips as uncovered more skin. He didn’t uttered a word as he watched you puzzled but enjoying it more. Once you were satisfied your hand came to rest into his now groing erection. "Is it? Is this as big as they say?” Jihoon released a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding. His words got caught into his throat. His arousal was to strong after months of daiting you and unable to have as his. This was becoming to much and too fast for him. After receiving no response from him, you decided to find the answer on your own. With a swift movements, you undid his pants. He lifted his hips slightly just enough for you to slip both his underwear and pants down. You had no patience anymore. You needed this now as fast as possible. Jihoon just watched you, his exciment growing as your eyes gaze towards his half erected cock. He groaned as your tongue sept across your bottom lip. His eyes widened as you slowly descended your tongue touching the tip. You were so focused on seeing it fully erected that you didn’t hear the loud moan coming from Jihoon. Your tongue swept skillfully around the head. Deciding that it would be better to taste him completly, you put all his cock into your mouth. Bobbing your head up and down you decided to look at Jihoon. He was a beautiful mess. His eyes were glued to you, sweat ran down his pink dusted cheeks. His mouth was open in a silent groan, enjoying the magic your mouth was doing to him. You smiled loving the effect you were having on him. You continued your assault on his cock which was rapidly growing in size. His groans mixed with your moans as they vibrated straigh to his cock. Your hands moved to where your mouth was unable to reach. He was big no, Huge!. If he felt heavenly in your mouth what would it be like in your pussy. The thought suddenly entered your mind. With a pop you let him go making him groan in dissappointment. But soon he settled down as you quickly got rid your clothes. Your naked legs straddles his, your core above his erected cock. He pulled your head down for a kiss. His hands moved from your neck to your breasts squeezing them roughly. A moan was swallowed by his mouth as it moved with yours. One of his hands traveled down to your heated core. He slowly traced a finger slightly around your slit. “You are so wet for me already baby” He said in between kisses. You had been so caught up in pleasuring him that you hadn’t noticed how great your need of having inside was. You mewled as he thrusted a single finger into your pussy. His mouth left your lips in search of the soft skin of your neck. He nipped looking for that sensitive spot. You stretched your neck, offering it him to explore. “Jihoon~” You whimpered his name out as he inserted a second finger. Your hips moved in rhythm to his fingers. His tongue massage the blooming purple in your neck. His other hand, the one that was occupied with your core, flicked your puckered nipple. Letting the pleasure last a bit longer, you basked in the attention he was giving you. But you wanted so much more. You wanted his cock to pound in and ou of you so badly. Gripping his hands, you pulled them away from you. At the same time he pulled away from your neck. He looked at you with confusion once again but you smirked at him. Finding a more comfortable position, you gripped his cock making him shudder. Lining up your core to his weeping cock, you sank down on him. Your moaned loudly as he groaned in delight. “Fuck, you feel so good” His voice coming out raspy. You closed your eyes getting used to his girth. His hands came to rest at your hips, rubbing them until you were ready. You started a slow pace that had him breathless. You mewled as you felt just so full with him inside. His hands pulled you closer to him, his lips soon resuming his task of marking your neck. You wounded your hands around his neck, trying to gain purchase to chase that sweet release. One of his hands snaked down your body, quickly finding your swollen clit. his fingers rubbed roughly as he followed your pace. His lips swallowed your moans and mewls as he left your neck. The room was filled with moans and groans for the next few minutes until you let out a frustated groan. You felt in edge of your climax but even with his stimulation, the both of you weren’t reaching it. Releasing a frustated sound of his own, Jihoon pulled out of you. You were about to yell at him when he flipped you over. Your back met the couch roughly as Jihoon stood above you. He pulled your legs apart one resting in his shoulder and the other one pulling it around his waist. He grabbed your hips and roughly pounded into you. You let out a scream as his girth filled once again. He set a fast and shallow pace, his balls hitting your ass. His fingers found your clit again as his cock thrusted in and out of you. “Jihoon…Ah~ I’m I-” You didn’t finished as your screamed your release. Your pussy tightened around Jihoon’s cock making him groan out your name. He dropped your leg from his shoulder, he leaned down pulling your lips to his. His hips continued to pound into you while you came down from your ecstasy. With one more thrust, he came undone inside you. His hips stilled for a moment as his cock filled you with his cum. You held him as he finished with a whisper of your name. He layed on top of you basking in the after glow. But soon he pulled out as he was still sensitive. “Get up” You said hitting his back playfully. He moved away asking why you wanted to get up. Had you not enjoyed the sex? Dread creeped into him. Oh god had he fucked up in his first time with you? He had very much enjoyed it and would very much like to repeat it agin but it seemed you didn’t feel the same? You laughed as his face changed into different emotions at the same time. With a kiss to his lips you attempted to get up. Your legs gave up under you as your butt smacked into the floor. “Crap. Yah~ Jihoon, stop thinking nonsense and help me up” You said pulling him away from his thoughts. He quickly helped you up. “Can you carry me?” He looked at you in question to which you rolled your eyes with a smile. “We need to go the bedroom fast. You know, I still think I need more research to be sure if it’s as big as a 'whale’” His expression changed into one of delight. Excited, he swung his arms underneath you. You fastened yours around his neck. You laugh loudly as he almost tripped in his exciment to get to the bed faster. You thanked that fangirl and wished she could just see how wonderfully big he was. But it’s so sad she won’t be able to after all, Jihoon is yours and yours only.

dang Im that Fangirl that can only dream but wont ever know 😅😅😅👏
We definitely weren't thinking big enough 😂
@Ligaya obviously not BIG enough lol
Lol what were we thinking
Found him #Terrance🐋