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Yes I wrote Six on purpose but it obvious what I meant
You turned your head to look up at him. He leaned down and kissed your lips. He stopped and looked you in the eyes momentarily before returning his lips to yours. His arm wrapped around you and pulled you on top of him. Your kissing deepened with each moment. Yukwon’s hand slid under your shirt and attempted to pull it off, but you stopped him.
“Wait, your parents.”
He smiled, “They went to dinner.”
“Oh. Continue.” You smirked as you went back to kiss his sweet lips.
Yukwon continued to pull up the t-shirt, chill bumps spread across your back as it was exposed. You sat up, straddling his waist. He pulled the shirt over your head and tossed it to the floor, his eyes stayed on yours, not moving once. He sat up and embraced you, kissing your chest, up your neck and stopping.
“You’re beautiful.” He whispered.
You smirked as your fingers edged his shirt up little by little. He raised his arms and you pulled the clothing off. You pushed him back onto the bed. It was dark, but thanks to whatever movie was playing you could see his body perfectly. His hands slid up your thighs, he left one there as he moved the other up your side and to your shoulder. He pulled your bra strap gently, it fell against your arm.
You smiled and bent down, laying against him. Your lips moved slowly against his neck, his hands easily un-hooked your bra. You sat up once more and let your bra fall down your arms. Yukwon’s eyes grazed across your chest, enjoying every second.
He sat up, and embraced you, your naked bodies pressing against each other. He kissed your neck, letting his teeth graze your skin softly.
Your hand moved through his hair, pulling him closer, the other one moved across his back, your nails digging into his skin softly.
He laid down and brought you with him, laying you next to him. He looked at you lovingly. His hand moved through your hair and he pulled you to him. His lips colliding with yours, his mouth opened and his tongue slid into your mouth . It was all you could do to keep from ripping the rest of his clothes off and having your way with him right now.
You put your leg over his and pulled him on top of you. You felt him, already hard, against your leg.
“Yukwon.” You said breathlessly as he moved his lips to your chest. One of his hands cupped your breast while his tongue circled your nipple. He glanced up at you not stopping once. “I want you.” you whispered.
He smirked briefly. His teeth replaced his tongue biting softly, a small moan escaped your lips.
“Already?” He asked as he kissed your breast.
You bit your lip and nodded.
Yukwon sat up, his fingers started to pull down your pants, a mischievous look appeared on his face, “How do you want it?” He asked as he tossed your pants to the ground.
You closed your knees together nervously, “I don’t care.”
He smirked, “Well this isn’t going to work.” He gently pulled your legs apart. His fingers trailed down your inner thighs. His hand rubbed gently over your pussy, a finger slid between you lips, “You’re already wet.” He said surprised. A pleased smile crossed his face, he bent down fully intent on eating you out.
“No.” You said suddenly.
He looked up at you worriedly. “I thought you liked it.”
“I do. I love it, but I want something else.” You needed something more than just his tongue sliding through you.
His beautiful and sneaky smile appeared on your face, “Not yet.” He continued his descent to your pussy. He wasted no time, his tongue sliding immediately inside of you causing you to gasp his name. You heard the slightest laugh from him. He continued to move his tongue perfectly through you. He placed his thumb gently on your clit, rubbing in small circles, your hips bucked suddenly at the intense pleasure.
“Oh my god, Yukwon.” You couldn’t say anything else, your back arched.
He placed his hands on your hips to keep you from moving. You looked down at him, he was fully enjoying this moment, almost as much as you were. His hand found his way to your breast, he grabbed one of them and moved his other thumb back to work magic on your clit.
You moaned his name again, your hands went straight to his head pulling him deeper inside you.
“Fuck!” your head fell back against the pillow, your pussy grinding against his face. He let you finish, before he sat up and smiled. He started rubbing your pussy softly causing your body to jerk.
Yukwon’s mom called from the other room startling you. You looked to the door then back to Yukwon your eyes wide with terror.
He looked completely unaffected, “I guess they’re home already.” He yelled a response to his mom and brought his attention back to you.
“Yukwon!” You hissed, “We can’t do this while they’re here.” You pushed his hand away, he ignored your movement only to bring his fingers back to your clit.
He looked at you, confused as to why you’d say that, “Why not?” He asked, pretending to be completely naïve about the matter.
“What if they hear us or walk in or something.”
Yukwon barely nodded. He suddenly thrust his fingers into you.
You gasped, “Yukwon!” Your back arching slightly at the sudden pleasure.
He smirked, “I love when you say my name.” His fingers still moving inside of you.
His mom called once more, causing him to stop and stand up. “I’ll be back,” he said as he pulled his shirt on, “don’t get dressed or I’ll make you wait longer.” He winked at you as he walked out closing the door behind him.
You ignored his warning and pulled your clothes on. You brushed your hair back from your face and took a deep breath.
Yukwon returned with a box, “They got you a present.” He said as he looked at your fully clothed body. He sat the present down on the dresser. “You got dressed.” He said plainly.
“I had to, what if they came in and saw me laying in your bed naked?”
He smiled and sat down next to you, his lips pressed against yours, “I told you not to.” His hand grabbed your breast, kneading it with his hand.
“Yukwon.” You said breathlessly, “we shouldn’t do this.”
His tongue slid into your mouth, he ignored you. He moved his lips to you neck, he sucked hard against your skin.
“I’m going to hell.” You said quietly. Yukwon laughed.
His mom called from the other room again. “She want’s me to open my door.” He said in between his kisses.
“So do it!” You said quickly. You didn’t want her to walk in on the two of you life this.
Yukwon sat up, another mischievous smile on his face, “If you insist.” He cracked open the door and walked back to you. His lips when straight to your neck.
“Yukwon!” You pushed him back, “What are you doing?”
“I’m not done with you.” He smiled and started lifting your shirt.
“Your door is open!” You pulled your shirt back down.
He walked back to the door and shouted something to his mom before closing it.
“I told her I didn’t want our movie to bother them. Now take your clothes off.”
“Kwonnie.” You begged. You could not have sex with his parents just feet away from you.
He tugged your pants off and tossed them to the floor, He tilted his head to the side, “Please don’t make me rip that shirt off of you.”
You pulled it off, slightly reluctant. His fingers picked up where they left off, rubbing in a soft circular pattern.
You bit your lip hard, trying not to make a sound. He stood beside you and slipped his pants off, his fingers not leaving you once. You grabbed his hard dick, any reservations about not doing this because of his parents left. You wanted him now more than ever.
He pulled your hand off of him, he stopped rubbing your clit, “I told you, if you put your clothes on you’d have to wait longer.” He lightly slapped your pussy causing your body to jerk and a small whimper to escape your lips.
You looked at his dick then to his eyes. You bit your lip and brought your hand back to his dick, pulling it to your mouth, your tongue circled the tip. You sucked the head of his dick for a moment, quiet moans leaving his mouth. You smiled and pulled the rest of his dick into your mouth
He slid his fingers into your pussy hard. His dick muffled your loud moan, thankfully.
His free hand landed on your breast, his fingers found your hard nipple, he rubbed it gently with his fingers. Everything he was doing made you tremble, you could barely focus on sucking his dick.
“Fuck.” Yukwon moaned and grabbed your breast harder, his fingers curled inside of you. He pulled away, his dick leaving your mouth. He crawled on top of you, kissing you once before grabbing his dick and rubbing the tip of it against your pussy lips. Every time it hit your clit your body jerked, and every time your body jerked he smiled. He slid the tip just inside of you. You raised your hips to him, his hands pushed them back down.
“I want you on top.” He said.
You immediately sat up and pushed him over to his back. You’d gladly be on top if it meant you got to fuck him sooner. He laughed as he fell against the bed. You positioned yourself over his dick, and started to maneuver him into you, his hands grabbed your hips and stopped you from going any farther.
“Yukwon-ah!” You chastised him.
He laughed and moved his hands letting you slide down his shaft. You stopped half way down, not thinking you could go any farther.
He shook his head, “Farther.”
You slid down his shaft a little more and stopped again looking at him.
Again, he shook his head, “I want to be deep inside of you.” He placed his hands on your hips and shoved you down.
You whimpered at the slight pain, but it felt amazing. His nails dug into your hips, his head tilted back, his eyes were squeezed shut. He held you there for a moment, enjoying the way it felt to be inside you.
He looked at you, “Ride me hard.”
You complied immediately, rocking your hips back and forth, feeling his dick fill up every inch inside you. You attempted to keep your moans under control. You bit your lip hard multiple times allowing only weak whimpers to escape your lips.
His hands grabbed your hips, he pulled and pushed you harder against him. Your clit rubbing against him increased the pleasure ten-fold.
Yukwon’s eyes never left your face, he watched you. You thought he was just enjoying the way you looked while fucking him. You realized soon that wasn’t the case. As you crept closer to climax, you began to ride him faster, your head fell back, there was no way you were going to be able to be quiet. Yukwon quickly pulled you to him, his hand guided your mouth to his neck where you released your pleasure-filled, yet muffled, screams.
His hands moved across your bare back as you laid on top of him, trying to catch your breath.
He kissed your cheek, “My turn.” He whispered as he helped you to your back. He picked up your legs and flung them over his shoulder. Without warning he slammed his dick all the way into you. Your hand went to your mouth. It didn’t take long for you to, once again, be at your peak. Yukwon sped up his thrusts, fucking you harder than before. You looked him in the eyes briefly before your mouth fell open and your entire body arched, your hands gripped the sheets tightly. His hand covered your mouth as you screamed. He moaned your name and pushed his dick inside of you one last time, finally releasing.
He fell against you, you felt his heart pounding. You wrapped your arms tightly around him and kissed his shoulder. He waited for his breathing to even out before speaking, “Happy Birthday.”
You smiled and kissed him, “Thank you.”



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