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Death the Kid's Sanzu Cannon - Soul Eater

I know the anime had split of from the manga by this point, so this may not have happened in the manga but I still think it was super badass! DTK was always one of my favorite Soul Eater characters, so I thought this was super awesome! Kid had been badly injured while he and Black Star were holding off the Kishin until Maka could save Soul's soul. He was lying on the ground, unconscious, when his soul, I guess, kind of took over his body (I don't think it was ever really explained exactly what happened). Becoming super over-powered, his Lines of Sanzu connected, his resonance jumped to over 2000% with absolutely no noise, and he dealt the most crushing blow to Asura yet!

Honorable Mentions

So I probably should have looked closer at this challenge before embarking on it because it's getting kind of derivative, but oh well! I've made it this far, so I'll just roll with it!

Shizuo's First Badass Episode - Durarara!!

I gotta shut up about Durarara!! for a while, but you can't talk about badass character moments without giving a nod to this badass dude! Shizuo Heiwajima is like the Hulk, except he doesn't turn all giant and green; when he is provoked, he says his body moves on its own. This first happened when he was little and he came into the kitchen to see that his brother had eaten the pudding specifically marked for Shizuo; he was so angry that he grabbed the refrigerator and lifted it over his head. He broke his back, but it was still a totally badass moment! Overtime, he broke himself (and drank his milk) over and over again, each time becoming stronger, becoming the powerhouse we know and love! You could choose just about any Shizuo moment, but I decided to go with the one that started it all!

Natsu vs the Twin Dragons - Fairy Tail

Determined to take on Sabertooth's legendary Twin Dragons by himself, Natsu took Gajeel out of their tag team battle. Sting and Rogue each came at him with their full power, and Natsu took them head on like it was nothing! Finally, they pulled out their Unison Raid, Holy Shadow Dragon Fang Flash, and Natsu once again took their attack head on, and, with the support of his friends in Fairy Tail behind him, countered with his Secret Dragon Slayer Art, Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Edge! The last one standing, he won the match!

Elizabeth's True Power - Seven Deadly Sins **SPOILERS**

Hawk had sacrificed himself for Elizabeth and Meliodas (at least I think Hawk is a he... details), and all seemed lost when a mysterious light began showering down from the heavens. It was the power of the unsuspecting princess, an Apostle of the Goddesses, who refused to see anyone else get hurt. A mysterious light exploded from Elizabeth, enveloping the city and healing all those who had been wounded, yet she still hadn't realized that this power was eminating from her. Sure, maybe it's not all that badass, but I think in many ways it is, at least enough to get her this honorable mention!
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Until next time!
I loved that fight that showed Elizabeth's True Power. I replayed it about 10 times Lol!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Mine too! @OtakuDemon10
Death the Kid!! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
OMG I LOVE THE FAIRY TAIL AND SEVEN DEADLY SINS MOMENTS!!! 😊 I haven't seen soul eater or durarara so I couldn't say anything about those!
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