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For school this is what ï look like nothing too dramatic. Occasionally ï wear some eye liner but this is pretty much how ï look at school or hanging out at a casual restaurant etc. Just thought i'd share, best of all this look only takes me at the most 15 min and since im always crammed for time that works for me. I used a less expensive foundation because ï ran out of my sephora kind and im currently on the look out for one with better coverage but won't break the bank. Products used: Black radiance foundation Brown and black eye brow pencil ( my eyebrows are naturally thick and wide so ï really only fill them in for a more polished look) Standard contour kit ( for me ï like the light contouring and highlighting look) E.L.F hd concealer for highlight Blush and Light eyeshadow Avon kit EOS lip balm ( i rarely wear lipstick)
Just a generic brow pencil although ï really like Macs pencil or NYX and ï use the hd lift concealer to define them @Hairconfetti
@GeGe21 Thank you!
Thank you! @cindystran
@ GeGe21 The eyeshadow is really pretty and cute for everyday look. What kind of eyebrow kit do you use to fill in your brows? They look great!
Gorgeous and I love your hair!