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Genre: Angst, Gets a lil heated, and a lil bit of fluff (ew)
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Length: 3170 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 18/19
All I could think about was Namjoon’s words. “You whore.” Yes, he was the one who slept around, not me, but the words still stung. Me and Yoongi were avoiding each other, not knowing what to do or say.
I busied myself with trying to get rid of the ashes Namjoon had left from his cigarette, when I overheard Yoongi murmuring on the phone. He was sat in the kitchen. I straightened up to see if I could hear better.
“...Yeah, he kicked me out. No Jungkook, I wasn’t doing anything. No. I think he followed me...You saw? Where is he now? Next door? Well d’you know is he’s gonna stay there all day?...Well cus then I can come home. OK, ok. I’m not gonna risk it.” I heard him sigh. “Yeah see ya. Text me if he calms down.”
I felt bad for Yoongi. He didn’t deserve the way Namjoon was treating him. Funnily enough, around 2 minutes later, my own phone started to ring. It was Jin.
“Hey y/n? You weren’t answering your texts, so I rang. Everything OK?”
“Yeah Jin, sorry. I was cleaning.” At least I wasn’t lying. But I looked in dismay at the black smudge on the carpet- I wasn’t helping the matter at all. “What’s up?”
“Well, I’m getting a ton of emails from students asking why their grades aren’t up on the system...from the mocks?” My eyes widened. “Oh shit!”, I cursed, scrambling up. I whirled around and almost bumped into an amused Yoongi. I hadn’t even heard him come in. “I’m so sorry, I completely forgot...I’ll get right on it!”
Jin was rambling on about some dinner date he had with Yoona that he couldn’t be bothered for, and he was asking if I wanted to come. I was distracted, trying to log in, getting my password right on the fourth attempt.
“Er Jin, I can’t. Not today. I got out of bed like two hours ago and I’m a mess.” I put him on speaker-phone so I could start uploading the results, despite the fact that Yoongi was stood there, leaning on the wall, arms folded.
“Is this about Namjoon?”, Jin gently asked.I bit my lip but didn’t say anything. He sighed. “I’m sorry y/n. I feel partly responsible.”
“Don’t be sorry Jin. I’m glad I found out about his promiscuous ways before I got too attached.” That was a lie- I had already got too attached. I missed him. And I hated that I missed him- but that wasn’t something I could help.
“I’ll text you later y/n, I’m leaving now. Stay strong.”
“OK. Have a good time.” Him and the temp were spending a lot of time together, despite him denying that they weren’t together. And with that I hung up. As I copied the results onto the system, I could still feel Yoongi’s gaze on me.
Without looking up from the screen I asked, “What is it?” He snickered. “Nothing.” I clicked upload, and leaned back, sighing. I looked up at him. The grin that was playing on his lips made me smile.
“Seriously, what?”
“You’re funny when you panic.” He started imitating my flappy arm movements when I ran in a rush and I giggled, throwing a pillow at him. I actually felt relieved that he was finally talking to me rather than avoiding me.
He dodged the pillow, laughing himself. “Shut up. I do not do that!” When our laughter died down, I hesitantly spoke. “I er, heard you on the phone earlier. If you don’t hear back from Jungkook, you’re more than welcome to stay here.”
He gave me a warm smile, coming to sit down next to me. I moved the laptop to make room for him. “Thanks y/n.”
“Least I could do. Congratulations by the way. You passed the mock.” I scanned the screen for his name. “Mmm. 89%. Very impressive.” He smiled but didn’t say anything.
His whole group of friends had done brilliantly. Except Namjoon of course- I don’t know what he got seeing as he wasn’t in this class anymore.
But I was certainly impressed with Jungkook. The boy had got 100%. And me and Jin had compiled some pretty hard questions together. “I’m sorry Yoongi”, I suddenly turned to him to look at him.
“He kicked you out because-”
“-Not because of you. He kicked me out because he’s an insecure, paranoid douchebag. You need to stop blaming yourself for his actions y/n.” I blinked at him. Honestly, I kept forgetting he was a student, he was that sensible.
I decided to change the subject. “Do you want anything to eat? I can do a good gourmet styled toast.” He laughed. “Thanks but no thanks. I grabbed food on the way here.”
The rest of the day was spent like that. Idle talk, lounging around. Getting to know each other. I offered him the bed when night finally arrived, but he said he would be fine on the sofa.
I had washed my face and brushed my teeth and was now sat on my bed, the lamp on, staring into outer space. I hated to admit it but I was miserable. The first boy I had ever opened up to, I had truly loved...and I meant nothing to him. I was just a plaything.
I had secretly hoped Namjoon had felt guilty about the whole ordeal, but after today I could see he was just pissed that I wasn’t his anymore. I was seeing this side to him that I had been oblivious to when we were together.
I sighed deeply, gritting my teeth at my stupidity to give Namjoon another chance. I let his words get to me. Before I knew it, tears were falling, and I was sobbing quietly at...well a whole array of things. Losing him, knowing he didn’t care, knowing he was going to try and get me fired.
My door slowly creaked open and the tears instantly ceased. I didn’t want Yoongi to see me like this. I looked down and let my hair shield my face- even though it was dark, I was worried he would see my tear-streaked face.
“Yoongi, everything OK?”, I mumbled.
“I came to ask you the same thing”, he replied softly. From my peripheral vision I could see he was shirtless. He needed the same clothes tomorrow, so it made sense that he had taken his shirt off. “I heard you crying y/n.”
I didn’t reply. He came closer into the room, shutting the door gently behind him. “Y/n...?”
“Hmm?” I was too busy looking down at my lap to notice he had edged forward enough to brush the hair out of my face. He sat down on the bed in front of me, and I decided to focus on his face, to stop my eyes from wandering elsewhere.
“This is about Namjoon, isn’t it?” he murmured. I wasn’t going to confirm that. “I’m sorry I woke you Yoongi, I’m being an idiot.”
“You didn’t wake me. I haven’t slept yet. And you’re not an idiot.”, his voice sounded throaty and tired, which was soothing to the ears, but also told me he needed rest.
“Why? Is the sofa too uncomfortable? I told you you should’ve slept on the be-”
“-Y/n...”, he whispered, reaching out and caressing my cheek. “I’m fine, really. I couldn’t sleep because I knew you were sat in here crying. You’re gonna make yourself ill.” I sighed into his touch- it really was comforting.
My eyes flitted to the frown settled on his lips and he immediately noticed. I saw the frown turn upwards slightly. “What are you thinking about?” I looked back up to meet his eyes. I could feel his shallow breaths fanning my lips, he was that close.
I was thinking about him. He couldn’t be real. In the years I had known him, even Jin hadn’t shown that much warmth and love towards me that Yoongi had. I wondered if he would still be here sat with me now, if I hadn’t met Namjoon first...probably not.
I leaned forward and captured his face in my hands without hesitation. “I’m thinking about you”, I whispered back. He swept in swiftly, and kissed me. His tongue easily glided past my lips as he pulled me in closer. He was kissing away the heartache, the pain.
He broke away slowly to murmur against my mouth, “He doesn’t deserve you.” I didn’t say anything. But Yoongi was right. Namjoon didn’t deserve someone who had eyes for only him. He didn’t deserve someone loyal, someone who loved him. Because he would always mess it up. That’s just the kind of person he was.
Without thinking, I hauled my shirt over my head, exposing my bare chest. Yoongi wasted no time in placing kisses all over the exposed skin, making me moan quietly. I gripped the back of his neck, holding him close to me, sighing contently.
“Oh my god”, I whispered, as he moved upwards,his lips ghosting over my neck. With Namjoon, I always had my doubts- should we be doing this? Is this wrong? But with Yoongi, it felt right. I didn’t know why, but with him...I just wasn’t questioning my actions.
“Are you sure you want t-”
I cut him off with a kiss. “I’m sure Yoongi”, I breathed. Oh, I was sure. He slowly hooked a finger into the waistline of my shorts and underwear and pulled them off, being ridding himself of his own. I bit back a moan at how hot he looked.
He climbed back on the bed before effortlessly dragging me down, so I was laying underneath and he was hovering over me. “Tell me if it hurts”, he spoke quietly, his voice laced with lust.
Before I could reply, he entered me slowly, earning a low moan from me. He placed his mouth next to my ear, whispering “OK, princess?” I nodded, mutely and bucked my hips as a signal for him to move. He understood what I meant.
His groans were low and breathy with each thrust. His hot body flush against mine, we both moved in sync, both lost in each other. I clung onto him, my arms around his neck as he continuously rolled his hips into me, making me see stars. “F-fuck! Yoongi!”, I
panted. His hands were travelling all over me, his fingertips leaving a fiery trail in their wake.
I teared up from the sweet pain that was amalgamated with the pleasure, but the tears remained unshed as I whimpered and writhed under him. His voice was husky as he cursed quietly, and I almost came undone from hearing him say my name alone.
He kept up his pace as my stomach tightened, that familiar feeling having me gasping. His mouth was alternating between my neck and chest as spluttered, “I’m gonna-”
I was cut off by a particularly hard thrust that had me yelping instead. His dark eyes met mine. The way he was glistening even under the dim light from the lap, the way his hair was stuck to his forehead, the intensity of his gaze- all of these were for me to release.
He had to pull out himself soon after and he fell backwards, laying next to me, just as fucked out as I was. He scooted a little closer to me and hugged me to him, my ear right next to his chest. I could hear his heart thumping and gave a small smile.
He lazily started drawing patterns on my stomach with his finger and I bought my still trembling hand to hold his, our fingers intertwined. He kissed the top of my head. “You feeling better?”
I gave a small laugh. “Definitely. You’re a great kisser”, I teased. His chest rumbled as he laughed, pulling the blanket up over us. My eyelids grew heavy with each passing minute, as I listened to his now steady heartbeat. It was making me drowsy.
I could have imagined this in my tired state, but just before I fell asleep, I heard the faint whisper of “I love you.”
I woke up in exactly the same position I had fallen asleep in. I stared up at Yoongi’s peaceful face...he looked beautiful. He was way too good for me. My mind was slow to realise that we were both stark naked under the covers and I instinctively drew the
blanket closer to me, accidentally jolting him awake.
He yawned, stretching his arms up, and looked at me, making my cheeks to grow even warmer. “I er.. I’m sorry I woke you”, I said, my voice muffled by the blanket. “Good morning.”
He gave a throaty chuckle. “Good morning. Why are you hiding?” Last night we were in the dark, so being naked wasn’t as much of a big deal. But now, when the sun was coming in through the curtains? Only one person had seen me naked like that...and I didn’t want to think about him.
He reached down under the covers and wrapped his arm around my waist. I revelled in the heat that was radiating off his skin. “I’m not hiding”, I replied, moving the blanket away from my face. “We’re both stark naked.”
“Aww”, he teased. “Is y/n shy? How cute.” I rolled over until I was on top of him and sat up, so the blanket fell off both of us. I didn’t take teasing lightly.
“Shy? Me?”, I scoffed. I moved my hands up and down his chest as I watched him think of a reply. He was staring at my whole frame, drinking me in,as I was doing with him. He sat up , his face stopping mere centimetres away from mine. “Don’t tease me y/n”, he said darkly.
I shivered. That was the first time I had seen the lust-filled, bossy side of him. I leaned in and nipped his earlobe and I felt his hot breath on my shoulder. “Are you telling your teacher what to do?”, I whispered, before kissing his neck. I could feel him getting aroused.
I was careful not to leave any marks on him in case Namjoon was going to pull some shit at the university tomorrow. He chuckled breathlessly., before pushing me back to kiss me. “Jungkook texted me last night”, he said once he pulled away.
“Namjoon spent all day at the neighbours- trying to make up with her apparently. So I could have gone home.” I smooth down his messy hair. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t.”
Again, the whole day was wasted doing nothing. Despite knowing he could go home at any time, Yoongi stayed with me for the majority of the day, and even when it was time to leave, he was insistent on checking if I was alright.
“Yoongi, I’m fine! Really, I’m not a kid.” Thanks to him I really wasn’t feeling as weighed down and depressed. “I’ll text you”, he said, before hugging me one final time. “See you tomorrow.” I waved goodbye and felt strangely empty once he had walked away and I’d shut the door.
It was like I constantly needed him here with me. But of course there was a lecture tomorrow- we weren’t going to risk being seen together. He also needed his notes and some clean clothes.
Monday morning came round. I dressed in my usual skirt and blouse combo. I drove to school early and got the usual space in the car park. To my surprise- and dismay- Namjoon was already standing there, leaning on another car, smoking as usual.
It was pretty obvious he was waiting for me, so I grabbed my bag and speed-walked in the opposite direction, hoping to see some people. Namjoon wouldn’t try or say anything when he knew people could hear him.
“Hey, wait up teach!”, his familiar, deep voice called. It only caused me to walk faster. I heard him chuckle as he caught up to me with ease, not even panting as he stopped me to speak. “What’s the rush? Chill.”
“Excuse me Namjoon, I have a lecture to teach”, I said coldly, even though my eyes were threatening to tear up at any moment. “Not 15 minutes early you don’t”, he grinned.
“But you know why I’m here so early. I’ll tell you why. I was speaking to my new best friend, the dean.” I froze. “No baby don’t worry. I didn’t want to get you in trouble”, he crooned. He put a hand on my shoulder and I shrugged him off.
“Me and my girl have been transferred back to your class. I told him you were being sexually harassed by a student and I helped you out. Plus I hate that old hag’s style of teaching.” When he said the words ‘My girl’,as petty as it sounds, it stung. It stung because I thought I was his girl.
“And of course the dean asked who had done such a thing and I had to give him a name right?...”, he trailed off with a devilish smirk and my eyes widened. “You didn’t...Namjoon, you fucking didn’t.”
“I fucking did.”
I pushed past him to get to the dean and speak to him before lecture’s begun, making Namjoon laugh and grab my arm. The sheer force swung me around to face him. “Your fuck buddy might not be in the lecture today...I beat him up pretty bad.”
“You son of a b-”
“-Ah.”,He held up a finger to my lips,and I could tell he was enjoying this. “Language teach”, he warned mockingly. I jerked my head away from his finger and stared at him in utter contempt and disbelief.
“He’s your friend.”
“Was my friend. Friends don’t sleep with each others girlfriends.”
“Namjoon you deranged fuck! We broke up”, I hissed, doing my utmost to keep my voice down. “I’m not your girlfriend!”
“ Friends don’t sleep with each others ex-girlfriends”, he corrected. “Especially when they still have feelings for her.” I wrenched my arm out of his death grip.
“You just made the assumption that he slept with me”
He snorted. “No babe, he told me. Well...I got it out of him.” He carelessly flicked the cigarette away.
I shook my head “You are disturbed Namjoon. And you hurt him- he could get you expelled for that.”
He grinned cockily. “Doesn’t matter what he says now. I went to the dean first. Anything he says will sound like bullshit.”
“Not if I’m there to back him up. And you don’t have a shred of evidence to back up your lie so for all the dean knows, you just made a falsified claim to get back into your old class.” I allowed myself to smile as Namjoon was rendered speechless for once.
Just as I turned to walk away, I could see Jin pulling into the car park. I turned and called “See you in lecture”, only to be met by a scowl. I hurried away before the dean took action against Yoongi.
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I think namjoon should get an ass beating from the dean, jin, and yoongi! He deserves it! I'll go do it my self for all I care!
YOONGI, PLEASE DON'T MESS UP THE READER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS STORY THO.... 😭😭😭 (Namjoon a straight savage) @slayyoongi How come in all your stories, you put savages???
bro shut the hell up stop acting like she's yours obviously she doesn't want to be played again so just go fuck your neighbor this has me so frustrated I'm throwing tables omfg 😠😠😠
Man I'm so done with him.... Is there a way you could incorporate a car wreck into the story with him being the only casualty?? He just needs to be killed off now 😒😒😒
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