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Hey guys so I been listening to music and I need more songs to listen to, do you guys have any suggestions or something? I will really appreciate it 馃槉
BTS fire BTS save me BTS young forever monsta x all in monsta x ex girl seventeen adore u seventeen manse seventeen pretty u block b her block b a few years later block b toy btob so fly btob its okay btob way back home btob remember that jooyoung erase I'll tell you more later when I remember whats on my playlist
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Thank you 馃槉
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NCT-U "The 7th Sense" NCT-U "Without You" BTS "Silver Spoon" Twice "Ooh Aah" Twice "Cheer Up" Boys Republic "Get Down" History "Queen" XIA ft The Quiett "Rock The World" Amber "Borders"
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literally anything and everything from Got7, block b, ikon, monsta x, winner, big bang, aoa, b.I.g.. ahh so many to listen to
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@mitchix5 well it depends what kind of stuff you like, if you tell me what some of your favorite songs are I can probably give you better recommendations... I'm sure there'll be something you'd like in my extensive library of music... Shoot me a pm if you're interested :D
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