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What it's Monday? yay!!! Also a side note before these silly and wth memes (it's mother's day for me so a beautiful happy mother's day to all my Nicaragüense ladies) Anyways let's start (I seriously questioned myself for liking them).

Sheet SVT Say:

Vocal Unit: Like seriously, what in the world are they saying? Woozi: bruh.. Jeonghan: too beautiful though DK: ♡ Joshua: ♡♡ Seungkwan: hates aegyo Makes me question why I like just kidding.
Hip Hop Unit: Someone control these guys....what the actual fudge Vernon: 4D rapper S.Coups: bossy Wonwoo: Hamburguesas are life Mingyu: He loves guys on the DL
Performance Unit: Hoshi: Seungkwan's butt is quite impressive lol The8: forever hungry (relatable) Jun: Savage Dino: small giant maknae...
Who did this to Vernon lmbo?
@IsoldaPazo @xoxorittie you can't just choose 1 that's why I have 5. 😏 lol
I swear Jeonghan is my soulmate xD
Vernon: We're not power rangers what is this? Me: It's not a right, it's a privilege
@PrettieeEmm haha I know the feeling. I went from Joshua to Woozi to Jun but I keep going between the three so I pretty much gave up choosing between the 3 haha
@PrettieeEmm ahhh we so need to meet up in July
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