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Honestly, I find the Japanese voices to be more appealing to me. English sounds too faked or scripted. Japanese has more emotion behind it.
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Japanese, the English version sounds so emotion less
True, Japanese version has more feelings
I grew up with the dub, but when I first watched the Sub, it was like... I don't know, REALLY hearing it for the first time. It's the same with other shows such as Fairy Tail and One Peace as well. In the Japanese subs, there is a whole other world of emotion, and real...ness, in it, that I get attached to characters, and feel the same emotions. I've broken down into tears so many times in Fairy Tail and occasionally Naruto because of this. The Tenrou Island arc when Natsu fights Gildarts, just to have his entire world shattered when Gildarts forces every last ounce of his magical presence onto him... I cried so hard. Same went for Naruto after hearing about Jiraiyas death, I teared up a little there. Don't even get me started on Aces death in One Piece. Bottom line is. you've never truly seen an anime, if you watch the dubs alone, or are to lazy to read the subtitles.
It is kinda cool to know now, that Naruto is voiced by a female. His voice actor in the dub, is garbage, as are almost all English voice actors. The only one I like, is Johnny Yong Bosh.
@worldofelites19 after watching for so long too you dont even need to read the subs