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Once again, let's give thanks to @kim_nahae & staff at Khiphop Subs for their hard work! They're angels for continuing to do this for us. PART 1 PART 2
I really thought it was gonna be hard to watch this simply because Gray is like....the most beautiful human being on earth in my eyes and I wouldn't be able to see anyone or anything but him....but I did aight. I was proud of myself.


Just had to put out a reminder. I haven't fully picked out my fave for this season.... I'm kind of being Sanchez right now and showing love and support to everyone. But obviously, I have a bias toward my cinnamon roll from last season, Seo Chulgu.
I was hoping he'd really shine this season but.....there's a LOT of talent out there. UUGGGHH I DUNNO WHY HE CHOSE THAT BEAT for his solo performance.....I mean I know why....but still, WHYYYY???


G2 & Reddy from Hillite Records are gonna be tough to beat (even tho G2 forgot his lyrics in his audition....dunno what was up with that, but he absolutely MURDERED his 2nd round performance....no lie I replayed his performance 10 times....that last line keeps ringing in my head).....but C Jamm and BewhY.....I mean DAMN that's some serious competition right there.
BewhY pretty much dominated the open audition. Hell, he's pretty much dominating the competition thus far. And he's doing it in such a classy way. I'm a major fan of that. Of course, he's one of my favorite to win.
C Jamm......is being C Jamm. He's killin' it tho because he gives 0 fxxks. Amazing the kind of confidence that grows from that attitude. Its true what the producers were saying about wanting to see him be challenged....I wanna see him hafta try.
BUT MYUNDO THO. He's got charisma....no doubt about it. He got an encore for crying out loud AND got Dok2 & Q up outta their seats dancing. He's killin' it.
I seriously just wanna give One a big hug and let him cry it out....he's a NERVOUS WRECK. The mental part of this competition is just shredding his self confidence. That gorgeous face is such a burden. JUST BE UGLY, JAEWON....JUST BE A POTATO FOR THE REST OF THE COMPETITION.
This season they aren't really putting the idols in the spotlight. #GUN's solo performance didn't even air but he did receive an ALL PASS.....his solo performance was lit. I included it on the first slide. Seungyoun of UNIQ isn't getting much screen time either. He's not really shining too brightly.... considering all the talent this season. He narrowly escaped being eliminated in the second round. Myself, I would've failed him even tho he's my UNIQ bias. His solo performance is on the 2nd slide. Taewoon was the first to go in the 2nd round performances....if he hadn't gone first, I dunno if he would've received an ALL PASS. He's really gonna hafta work hard in the next round. Snacky Chan....something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way....but that aside he's really good. The fact that he FORGOT HIS LYRICS TWICE during his solo performance and still managed to get 3 judges to pass him....I dunno. He messed up in the 1 vs 1 battles in last season and was sent home. So I dunno.... it could've been nerves but it could've been lack of preparation as well.
ALL PASS  1/ Day Day - 2/ Dila - 3/ Reddy - 4/ Myundo - 5/Boi B - 6/ BewhY - 7/ Sanchez  - 8/ Gun - 9/CJamm - 10/ Taewoon - 11/ ???  - 12/ G2  - 13/Hash Swan
3 PASS  14/ Kim Hyo Eun - 15/ Donutman - 16/ Baek Min Hyuk - 17/ BRAY - 18/ Snacky Chan - 19/ Yang Hong Won - 20/ One - 21/ Jung Sang Soo
2 PASS 22/ Kim Seung Hwan - 23/ MOJAE - 24/ Seo Chul Goo - 25/ Evo - 26/ J-DUB - 27/ Hwang Seung Gil
1 PASS 28 to 32/ ???? - 33/ Giant Pink - 34/J’Kyun - 35/Cho Seung Youn - 36/ K9 - 37/?? I don't usually do spoilers but since the subbed versions are coming out a week behind.....I HAD TO.


As for episode 3..... FXXKING FLOWSICKKKKK SLAYS THE LA AUDITIONS. I picked my favorite♥ MAAAAAAYYYNNNEE.....I told y'all if he competes, we might as well end it. Well it happened. So the competition is about to get really good.

Who are y'all rooting for??

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I'm still waiting for ep 3 to be subbed. I saw the raw already and damn my baby Flowsik is slaying me. He better get into the top 3 if he doesn't win shoot. I rooting for Flow, Juno and Bewhy.