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Hello everyone! I will be making cards about the different products, steps, and all that jazz involved with my skin care routine.
I'm doing this because i have been using the product for 6 months and seen a serious change in my complexion, so I want to share me knowledge and experience with you
If you would like to start reading the other cards see below:
I will be creating different cards that cover each step and each product i have tried in each step. Giving you guys a product review, links of where you can buy the stuff if you are interested and bunch more!
If you are interested in being tagged in the cards to come please let me know in a comment :) Otherwise i hope my experiences are educational for you! tagging peeps: @armyofkookie @unnieArMkeY @lemonlassie @SimplyAwkward @MichalJamerson @staceyholley
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Tag me please!
tag me please!
tag me please
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Tag me please !