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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: Swearing and some scenes of intimacy.
You were setting up everything for the raid. The only thing you had to go through first was briefing. This is where the leaders would go over the final plan in order to make sure everyone knew their roles. You'd also go through possible scenarios and check to see if they knew what to do in those situations. Unfortunately, you and Yoongi had only made a few notes as to what to say. It was really hard for both of you to concentrate properly from the slight awkwardness. However, you managed to prepare yourself well enough to do a good briefing. Just before you started, you got out your notes to run through them. You were in the living room while the other members (except Yoongi) where in their individual rooms.
'All we are looking for is' *cough cough* 'All we are looking for is a b-' *cough cough* Yoongi kept interrupting your practise. Whether his coughing was accidental or on purpose, it was annoying and needed to stop. "Do you mind Gi?" You raised your voice through your gritted teeth. He shook his head, "no" This made you wonder why you had kissed him. No matter how loving he was, he could still be a dick when he wanted to be. "Then could you be quiet while I go over the notes?" "I don't need to, knowing you, you've gone through the notes a billion times" You glared at him. What was he playing at?
Yoongi's perspective~ She worried too much, he didn't mean for it to come across the way it had. She just needed to chill that's all! "Well sorry if I want it to be accurate" Her sarcasm almost made him laugh, he held it in. She turned her back on him. He walked closer to her and pulled her in a back hug, "it's already perfect there's no need to worry sweetie" She relaxed a bit at that. But not for long. Soon, she was trying to escape his hug and became very tense when he didn't let go. He wasn't having her stress over something as small as this. He kissed the back of her neck, her heart rate increased at that. He could feel the beats as his lips lightly pressed against her neck. He loved this. He was right, she was his release. He... Loved her?
Your perspective~ You made sure that before the other members walked in, you had distanced yourself from Yoongi. The last thing you wanted was for both of you to be teased for a having a fling on a mission. Jungkook and Amber were the first to come into the room. Unsurprisingly, Jackson was last. He had obviously been doing his hair as it looked more styled than the other day. It certainly wasn't bed hair. You started the brief and kept your cool throughout all the looks Gigi gave you. Once it was his turn to speak, you noticed how he would lick his lips every time you two made eye contact. It was putting you off. You needed to concentrate. Attachments in this line of work always seemed to end badly and you didn't want something like that to happen between the two of you. The briefing had eventually finished and although Jeon was dying to talk to you, Amber got there first. "So Y/N this is tonight right?" You nodded and so she continued, "Is it weird of me to think that all this mission stuff is going way too fast?" You shook your head, "no, why do you say that Amber?" "It's just that it's only been like a day and now we're planning on attacking. Why so soon?" "I don't know, boss' orders"
Luckily, that's where the questions finished. Why was everything happening so fast? Not just the mission but generally... Jungkook soon brought you back to reality. "Hey little boss, ready for tomorrow?" You nodded, "a bit stressed but you know... Like I said to Amber, boss' orders" He smiled but then he looked behind you causing his smile to fade. He began to whisper, "Is something wrong with Yoongi?" You looked confused at him, "why?" "The way he looked at you in the brief and the way he's looking at you now... He looks like he's undressing you with his eyes" You were sure that you were blushing as your face's temperature rose dramatically. Biting your lip, you imagined exactly what the man behind you looked like. Maybe that's exactly what he was aiming to do. You heard distant footsteps and so the pace of your speech quickened, "please Jeon just keep talking to me, don't let him interupt." The last thing you wanted at the moment was another encounter with Gigi.
"Talk about what?" Jungkook quietly snapped. "Anything!" The footsteps got nearer, "what the weather is like, how you think the mission will go, anything" A pair of hands placed themselves lightly around your waist. You took in a sudden sharp breath and bit your lip. Giving Jungkook a pained look, your lip quivered as you thought of what you could possibly say in this situation. "What did you think of the brief?" Gigi asked Kook while leaning his head on your shoulder. "Yeah, it was g-good yeah. Very..." Jungkook gave you a smug look and so you glared back at him. "Interesting!" And with that he slowly walked off, still keeping eye contact with you. Just before he went completely out of sight, he winked at you. That kid! In an instance, soft lips attacked your neck. "You know we've gotta prepare for the mission." He stopped kissing but instead, he moved so that you were facing him. "You know we've got a while until we need to prepare" You knew exactly where this was going.
Somehow, you let him. You let him talk you down. You let him carry you into his room. You let his lips almost violently meet yours. You allowed him to do whatever. Even though your heart was conflicted about how you felt towards him, you needed this. You needed this in the same way he did, for release. This time you let him slide your top off fully as you explored each others' bodies. You soon got to know exactly how 'harsh' he could be. Biting your lip, going rough, it was a side to Yoongi that you liked. The angry side. His words slipped into your head, "nothing's changed really has it?" No. You still liked to see Yoongi angry, it excited you. For once, your thoughts had faded away from the mission and focused on the man before you. Making sure you watched his every move as though he put you in a state of awe.
Afterwards, you laid beside him, both of you still panting. Your head rested against his bare chest and your arm was wrapped around his hip, while his arms enveloped you into his embrace. Your ear was pressed up to his chest so his heart beat echoed through your ears. It was fast but was gradually slowing down. It was obvious that he felt the same way to you that you did to him. Was it love? You couldn't tell but you had to find out. "Gigi?" "Yes sweetie" The way he said 'sweetie' was unlike any way he had said it before. It was filled with love and sincereness rather than some ironic sarcasm. "Do you love me?" "Urm... Why do you ask?" He was avoiding the question. "Do you love me?" He paused... "Yeah. I do." A smile formed on your face. He did! He did love you. He could have loved you for some time now but the fact that he loved you sent you over the moon. "What about you, do you love me?" He asked. "Weirdly, I have no idea." "Weirdly?" You lifted your head to look up at him from the position you were in. "I don't know I mean I used to hate you but now.. Now I can't seem to keep my hands off you" Mentally, you face palmed. Did you really just say that out loud? Why couldn't you just stay here in Yoongi's embrace rather than go out on some stupid mission - unfortunately, you had no choice in the matter.
Wow for the first time ever I've seen a story where the frickity frack doesn't appear in the plot!
Oh I love this!!! I hope nothing bad happens during the mission
wow thanks Kookie 馃槖