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This is my Second Story, Comment if you like it! ^^
My parents didn't want me...I live at the adoption center ever since I was a baby. I'm going to be leaving the adoption center tomorrow because i'm turning 18. I never knew anything about my family, but what are the chances that I have a sibling, like never. "Sunhee, lights out" One of the workers said to me. "Okay, but let me finish packing first" I asked "Okay Sunhee, but lights out when you're finish" The worker said "K, good night" I told the worker


I woke up realizing that it was my birthday. "I'm finally 18 now!" I yelled out "Sunhee, can you be quite, some people are still sleeping" A worker told me "Sorry, but can I go now?" I asked "You don't want a goodbye party?" The worker asked "No, I just can't handle people crying" I told the worker "Arasso, good luck in the world Sunhee" The worker said "Thanks and I won't forget you and everyone else" I said as I walked out "You too, Park Sunhee!" The Worker yelled out Then I left, I left the place that I grew up in, but now I was off in the world. Now that I was in the city, I was hungry so I went down a street while carrying all my stuff, I looked for a place to eat. "Oww" "Sorry..." I said to the person I bumped into "Wait, it's okay" The person said, I looked at the person's face and it was Park Jimin from 방탄소년단. "Are you Pa-" I said then then he cut me off "Yes, i'm Park Jimin" He said, then we both started at our faces for a couple of minutes "You look like me" We both said at the same time "Wow, that's really weird" Jimin said "It is and I never realized that" I said "Umm, what is your name?" Jimin asked me "Oh, i'm Park Sunhee" I answered "So we both look the same and we both have the same surname" Jimin said "Do you have a family, wait that's rude of me asking you about that" Jimin awkwardly asked me "No it's okay, but I umm don't have a family" I said "The only thing that I remembered about my family is that they gave me away" I told Jimin "Sunhee, I guess that's hard on you, well I remembered when I was 2, I had a sibling, but my parents gave the baby away" Jimin told me while trying to catch his breath "Well, I never knew my family" I said After the conversation, Jimin walked me over to his car, which was a very short walk and a awkward one. "Where are we going?" I asked "We're going to my house in Busan" Jimin told me "Okay..." I said

30 Minutes Later >>>>>>>>>>>

"Sunhee, we're here!" Jimin said while trying to break the silence "Oh, okay" I said getting my stuff "Why are you getting your stuff?" Jimin asked me "I don't know" I said "Well just leave them in the car" Jimin said while putting my stuff in the car, then we walked over to the front door "Eomma! Open the door!" Jimin yelled out "Wow, you don't have the keys to your own house" I said while laughing "Hey, don't judge me" Jimin said while nudging me, then the door opened "Oh, Jiminie! Is this your girlfriend" His Mom said "No!" Jimin whined "Okay, come in!" His Mom said We went inside and sat down in the living room, then Jimin's Mom gave us some tea "Jiminie, why are you here?" His Mom asked "Well I wanted to know if I had a sister?" Jimin asked "Okay, I guess it's time for you to know...You have a sister" Jimin's Mom said "Is her name Park Sunhee?" Jimin asked "Yes, how did you find out?" Jimin's Mom said "Well this girl sitting next to me is Sunhee, she looks like me and we both. Have the same surname, so I took a wild guess." Jimin answered "You sure did" I said "That locket" Jimin's Mom said while pointing to my locket "It has a picture, open it up Sunhee" Jimin's Mom said I opened up the locket and it was a baby and a little boy "Is this me and Jimin?" I asked "Yes, Sunhee... When I gave you away I thought that I would never find you again so I gave you a locket that has a picture of you and Jimin." Jimin's Mom said "Eomma, thanks for the little story, we got to go now, bye!" Jimin said while dragging me out "Come visit me again!" Jimin's Mom said I got in the car, and I couldn't believe about what happened! I mean my brother is Park Jimin! I guess this is going to be an adventure for me. (Reminder, This is my story)
I'm back with a all new story people! I hope you like it! ^^ ... Toodles!


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Amazing. I wish I was Jimin's sister.