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I'm actually going to say something to her. IM REALLY GOOD AT MAKING MEAN PEOPLE FEEL BAD TRUST ME I GOT THIS. ✌✌✌✌ *^*
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this chick need to get a life somebody need a reporter I will sure be glad to do it too
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Okay I hate her as much as the next person but...getting mad at her and letting her know about it is just fueling her. best way to make her stop (imo)? leave her the hell alone. ignore her and she's nobody. pay attention to her and what she does/says and she's somebody. just forget she exists.
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@XionHeart all the hate need to stop if you don't like somebody don't comment on it and if she don't like the Army and BTS so much why she constantly talking about them making a Twitter page about them
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wow this is crazy. like I don't even have words.
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