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Y/N's pov
"Uppy-Uppy!" Taehyung said to wake me up. I ate a quick breakfast, got cleaned up, got dressed, then left with the boys for my first day of "work."
"Y/N! And Taehyung! You two are okay?!" HeiShik gave me a hug and inspected my face and Taehyung's for potential injuries. I did have a few bruises and rope burn on my wrists, but nothing major. Taehyung looked almost perfectly fine except a rough spot between his eyes for a reason I didn't know. "All of you," HeiShik looked at all the Bangtan boys. "PD-nim has ordered a meeting and for you all to come as soon as possible. Please go to 7A."
"Is there something wrong?" Taehyung's eyes widened.
"No, there's just some important visitors here that want to meet with you all." She bowed to us then walked away.
"He doesn't usually call a meeting without telling us a week in advance for something super important." Taehyung grabbed my wrist and led me to the elevators. On the designated floor, he led me down the hall until we reached a door with "7A" beside it. Taehyung opened to door and led us in. Inside were just five people, PD-nim, their manager, someone I didn't recognize, and two men that were dressed in officer uniforms from the facility.
"Boys! Please take a seat!" Their manager's smile faded quickly into a very serious stare. "These two men here are from the facility. They have something very important to say about the experiment."
"First of all, congratulations to mister Kim Taehyung and miss y/l/n y/f/n." The one officer bowed quickly to us then continued. "You successfully escaped our forces yesterday. We apologize for the incident yesterday. That was one of our most extreme situations that we will initiate. That was just a test to see if mister Kim would be able to handle this experiment. Here is a list of the situations that we plan to initiate." He passed down a sheet with about thirty scenarios.
"We understand that you may have been confused at first as to if they were from the facility or street thugs at first." The other officer pulled something out of his coat pocket and passed it down to us. "If something like that were to happen and it wasn't us, you wouldn't know. This is so you know whether or not the person is from the facility or not. This will be worn on either the chest, hat, or cuff of the sleeve."
The thing he passed down was a patch with an image on it. It was a circle with a black border and light gray background. The thing that caught my eye was not the black and gold key in the center, but the words along the border. The key in the center was black and the end was a metallic gold with it's string making a circle around it. The blue words around it was, "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future."
"That is all, thank you." They both gave a quick bow and walked out without saying anything else. I stared at the patch in my hands and thought to myself. The key in the center looked familiar but I couldn't think of where I saw it.
"I guess that's it for today's meeting. Dismissed." The manager left with the other two people following behind him.
"Let's go practice. Y/N, you need to come with us. Our choreographer needs your help with something." Jimin tugged on my wrist and had me follow him to their practice room.
"Hello there!" Their choreographer greeted me warmly when I entered the practice room. "You are y/n?" I nodded and bowed to him. "Alright boys, show y/n what we've worked on so far." The boys set down their bags against the wall and Jimin turned on the music. "I'm Son SungDeuk, BTS choreographer." He bowed to me and I bowed back to him.
"It's an honor to meet you." I then turned and watched the boys do their dance. It looked exhausting to say the least. "Wow..." The boys turned to me after the music stopped. "That was amazing!"
"Yes, but I feel that it is missing something." SungDeuk paced around each member. "I don't understand. It looks great and they are doing everything great, it just doesn't feel right."
"It feels like there needs to be something else. Somewhere in the middle, maybe." Hoseok took a gulp of water from his water bottle and sighed.
"I have an idea." I said quietly. They all turned to me with curious eyes. "In the second chorus, instead of having it the same as the first, change it a bit."
"The third chorus is already completely different though." Jimin said plainly.
"Just a minor change." I continued on. "During that shoulder thing..." I tried to do a similar thing to how they did. "Where you all pop your shoulders forward and back, how about you throw your jacket off of your shoulders and do the thing? Not completely off, just off your shoulders." I tried to read their expressions.
"Well, let's try it. This is basically her" SungDeuk turned on the music to the second chorus and the boys did what I suggested. After finishing the chorus, the music was stopped and they all looked pleased. "I liked that! I think that was what we needed! Thank you so much y/n!"
"Wah! Thank you y/n!" The boys chimed.
"If you want to, you can stay in here and watch them practice their other songs." SungDeuk smiled kindly. I really didn't want to interrupt their practice in case they felt like they needed to do extremely well in front of me.
"No, it's fine. I need to go..." I thought of a good excuse. "I need to go and ask HeiShik something. She probably needs my help with something, too!" I turned and left the practice room, not hearing the boy's complaints of me leaving them. I started towards my office, partially zoned out thinking about the patch the facility people will be wearing.
"Y/N!" Someone said behind me. The voice sounded familiar and feminine but it wasn't HeiShik's voice. "Hey. Hey. Hey." I heard the light footsteps quicken towards me. "Y/N!" I turned around and saw DaeChul. Yes, Yi DaeChul was acting warmly towards me. "Y/N! I, er, we need you for something. Come with me." She pulled me down the hall with a surprisingly fast pace considering she was wearing heels on carpet.
"Y/N!" "Y/N?" "Y/N? Where?" "Is it really y/n?" "Ah... Y/N is actually here..." "I wonder what she'll think of us, more importantly, me." "I wonder if I can befriend her."
Those were the things I heard when I stepped into the room DaeChul took me to. There were about ten people in the room in a circle including HeiShik. They smiled kindly to me and greeted me. I was sat down in their circle and continued to chat casually.
"What was it that you needed?" I asked DaeChul in a break in the conversation. Everyone's smiles faded for a bit and they looked at DaeChul.
"Well...we just wanted to welcome you here to Big Hit and we wanted you to get familiar with everyone, starting with this small group. These people are mostly who you will be working with." She nodded at a man who then got a wrapped box from the nearby table. "I apologize for my rude behavior yesterday. I was slightly annoyed by someone for the amount of work and stress that was put on me." She bowed to me and came up smiling. "Please accept this token of our friendship, this is from all of us." The man handed me the box and smiled.
"Wow..." I said. The item inside was a block puzzle with each piece a different, bright color. "Thank you!" I smiled to assure them I was happy with the small gesture.
"You look like someone who enjoys puzzles." Someone else in the circle said.
"Can we get onto the reason we're really here?" A man with a now stern look said. Everyone in the circle looked uncomfortable. DaeChul nodded slowly.
"We all know about your situation, having to live with BTS while they protect you. Yesterday, when we heard that you were taken, of course we were worried, but we also thought it was a hoax. We really weren't sure about you just coming from this place that you came from. We thought you were here to hurt BTS like a crazy fangirl or something."
"DaeChul! Get on with it!" Someone yelled.
"Fine." She eyed the others wearily. "Yes, we want to be friends with you, but we don't feel like we should trust you. Especially since you are living with the boys now. Not many people in this building trust you, so warned."
"She means that people, other than us, are out to get you because of their jealousy. Like the people that think that they are much more superior since they work with them. Some are even planning on killing you."
I know I did this yesterday but, thank you all for the support you've given this story so far. The collection now has 50 followers and the story has 500+ reads and almost 70 votes on Wattpad <here>. Just wanted to thank everyone. I'm thinking of putting the member chapters into a separate story, same story just organized individually. I'll do that after C15 (maybe).
If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, feel free to tell me. M'kay, bye~
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