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Pairing: Reader X J-Hope
Rated: M
A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. Hope you enjoy.
The ambulance arrived 5 minutes after Hoseok called. They quickly transported Jungkook to the hospital. I was a nervous wreck, I was shaking. We sat, waiting for him of get out of surgery. It felt like an eternity. All types of thought were going through my mind. “Would he make it? Is there something I could do to avoid this?”
After four hours the doctor came out. He said, “Mr. Jeon experienced a major bleed in his abdomen. His injury was serious.” He pulled out the X-ray. “The bullet pierced his small intestine causing it to rupture. We were able to fix the damage he is very lucky to be alive.”
“Thank You doctor. How long will he have to stay at the hospital?” I asked.
He replied, “10 Days just to monitor him.”
“Can we see him?”
His face turned serious and said, “I cannot allow you to see him.”
“Why not?” I Questioned.I turn and see two police officers approach us. “Hello, Can you follow us miss so we can ask you some questions.”
“Why, I didn’t do anything wrong?”
One police replied, “It is procedure whenever there is a type of incident like this.”
I agreed. I looked at Hoseok. He knew that I didn’t want to leave the hospital. So he asked could he replace me and go in place since he was present during the incident also. They agreed. All three of them left.
That took care of the police. So I approached the nurse’s station and asked once again could I see him. The nurse said I still didn’t have clearance to see him.
“Why Not?” I asked. At this point I am annoyed.
The nurse said, “Please ma’am please wait in the waiting room.” I left and sat down and waited. About 45 minutes a man in a business suit walks up to me and introduced himself.
“Hello I am Kim Namjoon from Child Protective Service. Sorry to inform you, but at this moment Jeon Jungkook is a ward of the state. He will remain this way until this issue has been solved. “Why can’t I take him?” I asked.
“You do not have legal custody of him, therefore we cannot release him to you.
“Please. Please, don’t take him!” I begged. I dropped to my knee and pleaded with him.
He responded, “Sorry this is out of my hands.”
My worst fears have come to pass. My life was falling apart. Once I calmed down I asked could I see him one more time, since I couldn’t come back to see him at the hospital. He nodded and they escorted me to his room.
They didn’t leave me with Kookie alone. They said something about the rules. I entered to find him covered in wires. It was heartbreaking to see him in that state. I wanted to cry but I held the tears back. What I was going to say to him next would be harder on him then me.
I grasped his hand and he began to stir. He opened his eyes and begin to cry when he saw me. He choked out. “Noona I so sorry.”
I rub his head and say “It’s ok.” Then I proceed to tell him. “I have something to tell you and I want you to stay calm and listen. He nodded. “We will have to be separated for a while.”
Looking confused he says, “Why? What’s going on Noona? Who is he?
I take a deep breath. “Until they are finish investigating what happened tonight, you will be living with someone else."
He screams.” I don’t want to be with anyone other than you.” Tears stared to fall from his eyes.
Mr. Kim interrupted and said times up. I kissed his head and said I love you. Then they lead me out the room. As I was leaving I hear Jungkook crying “Noona wait, don’t leave me alone”
When they shut the door I fell to the ground and began to sob. I reached my breaking point. The pain of losing my brother was like being stabbed with a knife. It was hard to breathe, I started to have a panic attack. Hoseok rushes over and holds me to help me calm down. "I'm going to take her home" Hoseok told Mr. Kim. Then Mr. Kim and Hoseok exchange contact information. Then we walked to the car and he puts me in it. He gets in and we drive home.
Hoseok POV
It’s been one hell of a day. I look over to see Y/N sleep. I don’t want to wake her so I’ll carry her to bed. Once in the house I stare at here. She’s been crying in her sleep. I feel partially responsible of her brother getting shot. I promise I will stop at nothing to help return her brother to her.

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Omo i actually cried XD
Oh my poor Kookie.😭😭 First he gets shot, then they separate him from his noona! That disgusting excuse of father should have been the one to get shot!! After all he put his children through I hope he gets his! Karma has a way of biting you in the ass!!
@Izzy987 i cried writing it .
bring kookie back 😭😭😭😭😭
Oh nooo....this sucks please let her get kookie back!
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