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Are you having withdrawals from not finding a good anime?

Are you in tears because you've watched everything in your Netflix queue and you don't know where to start to find a new one?

People try to tell you things will be okay...

But those people are oh so wrong!

If this describes you, then look no further! Because I will be recommending anime regularly! And not just any anime...

But lesser known ones!

wait....why the crickets guys?

I assure you that I'll only recommend gems that you'll love!

There will be many genres covered including, but not limited to:



-Slice of Life









-Boys Love

-Girls Love

and maybe even some, ahem, mature ones. *wink wink*

I may even throw out an abridged series or two

So if you're done waiting for a new season of your favorite anime...

Stay tuned for some recommendations of anime series that truly should be hyped!

Let me know if you'd like to be tagged, or just follow the collection!

tag me please!!!
Go ahead and tag me NAKAMA!! I've watched a ridiculous amount of anime, but it's my life and passion and I love to review and rate them and write comments about them on MyAnimeList!! I'm sure you can find some I haven't seen and I can help out as well. I have a few thousand under my belt, problem is remember them after so many so I usually re watch good anime's atleast 4-5+ times even if they're 100-300 or so episodes or OP and over 720 episodes lol. Re watching OP usually takes about a month haha. Anyways keep me tagged and posted NAKAMA and I'll maybe find more to add to my list, I'm at around 180 different mid length anime's and movies mixed to try and finish by end of summer but I could def use some good ones for fall NAKAMA!! Great idea btw, I have a collection I started that I post the anime I binge all the way through, unless work or school gets in the way then I use my phone, haha, but I do a mini write up, the IMAL rating, my rating and the synopsis of the anime but it isn't very big not even 100 yet but I forget to post a lot. But it'd be cool to work in collaboration with you on anime recommends and synopsis and ratings, grades, favorites, reviews from others and MAL info on the anime as well!! Good luck NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
Can you tag meh pls, I want to be it
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