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I know that we are really upset about what has been going on.
I'm sure some if not all have been on her page to see what she has been saying about our boys. truthfully she really needs to grow up. I know you guys what to hurt an I do to but inth8nk it's best if we stop the fire. if we stop without saying anything to her they she may stop. I know it's along shot but if we do this then we can show our boys that we are better then that. Hint their name Bulletproof Boy Scouts that block of all the negative. We are ARMY who do the same. I am doing my best not to cry from what I read. it is a shame that she would do this. I know that some of you left the Fandom I understand I did the same with EXO. However I have met many ARMYs on here to know that I can stay and support our boys.
she can go suck a dick for fuck's sake
exactly @aubriepope
I'm sick of this.....not only is she trying to hurt BTS but does this person realize the bad image she's putting on lay and exo l by having his name as their username??
If anything Jin's a fruit fly not a roach.
this is fucking ridiculous. 😠😠😠😠
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