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their was doubt about these two....Gray is showing compassion towards Juvia.....still confused about Natsu and Lucy.......Erza and Jellel....obvious.
I can agree with you but how r u confused about Nalu they hugged and we're about to kiss and Hiro-senpai said Natsu liked Lucy during the movie ( wasn't just during the movie lots of parts but anyway ) but he didn't know if Lucy liked him of you watched the movie you would understand ( or any other episode ( especially the first one )and he even said ( Hiro-senpai) that they he was gonna make them have a baby called Nashi Dragneel so I don't understand you馃槙
@AichaBangoura oh OK.....
Yea go gajeel!!!!
I literally screamed when I read this chapter. I was so happy. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't care. I was too happy