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Hey guys, this is Emily, and these two are my nephews. Just a quick bit of information about them both. The red head is Gavin and the brunette is Landon. They both love listening to kpop, especially VIXX. Gavin's bias is Ravi and Landon's bias is N. They also just about listen to the same groups as I do. Such groups as EXO, BTS, Got7, BigBang. Landon is a stricted VIXX fan. Like he'll listen to other songs, but not on his own. He'll only listen to VIXX Gavin is more open minded about the songs he listens to, like earlier we both watched Twice "Cheer Up", and he said he liked it. He's also getting into GD and also loves listening to Got7. Now that's out of the way. We we're wondering if you would like us to make more reaction videos to kpop. I already posted our first video, and that was BTS "No More Dream", not much reviews, but I'm still surprised with how many people actually watched it even though it doesn't seem like a lot. So, if you would like us (more specifically those two dorks) to watch other kpop videos, please put in the comments which videos you think they would like.
Oh my gosh their bias's in VIXX are my bias's in VIXX, that is so cute!!!
oh I found the card
I'll watch! where's the first reaction? :o