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When you do your daily workouts, or weekly (hahaha) try putting in a little bit more by adding an extra step. This will spice up the workout routine and you will be working out extra muscles!
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@carenabobo Wow. That actually does make a lot of sense. I tried the flavored water to help me drink more water and stay hydrated, but it's so hard to actually get in the habit of doing so. Are there are specific water flavors that you suggest?
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I do not prefer to buy water flavored ..But I loved the addition of herbs to hot water and then cooled down and drink a cold be gorgeous ......There are mint / anise/, Djisnj / lemon
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@miranpark88 thanks. I.'ll try to upload links of fatness training
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@christy that sounds greattt! well if you need help with vingle let me knowww :D i was actually a little bit confused at first so just let me knowww ! :D
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@miranpark88 yeah I need really. I can upload the video on Google plus and u can handle the last.if ok I'll write my e.mail
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