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Netizens compare two members of EXO to show importance of nose in male’s faces Although most fans can agree that all EXO members are good looking, there are others who may disagree. But does this comparison between two EXO members prove that nose is the most important feature to the male’s faces? Originally posted on Pann, netizens compare the photos of two EXO members to discuss whether nose is the most important feature in male’s faces. Does it really matter???
also, you can't take something as itself, one persons nose may look good on their face and terrible on someone else's because of the surrounding features. doesn't make sense
comparing nose is a little weird but Sehun and Kai are amazing in personality for me. yes they are handsome but I love their personality more
But it's just their noses...which look lovely
I don't get it, they all look different because they are different, what is the point of this
Honestly Kai's nose goes with him. Like it suits his face really well, he had a cute nose too.
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