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Following Kangin’s recent DUI on May 24, a group of Super Junior fans posted a petition via DC Inside, a Korean forum, requesting that Kangin leave the group, citing previous cases in which Kangin had caused trouble: a hit-and-run DUI incident in 2009, missing mandatory military reserve training in 2015. While some fans agreed with the petition, still many expressed outrage, saying that this mistake is no reason for him to leave his group. ELFs shortly after started a new petition titled “Kangin Stays,” in direct opposition to the one on DC Inside. The petition states, “We think that asking Kangin to leave Super Junior is not the right way to deal with this issue.” It clarifies that under no circumstance are they defending Kangin’s mistakes or attempting to justify what he has done, and says that he should definitely face the consequences of his actions, but making him leave Super Junior is not the way. The petition currently has just over 4,000 signatures.
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@CuteBabyLay I see. Well I hope he's learned now.
he whaaa?? @KpopGaby whoa! that's just escalating quickly! @CuteBabyLay
@Mightmuffin @KpopGaby But that is what people are saying
@CuteBabyLay Well only he himself knows why he's doing this.
Fans like these piss me off! They're so stupid! I don't think I should call them fans at all if all they do is tell Kangin to leave SJ! He should not leave, however he does need To go to rehab and stop drinking! It's just rediculous!